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Cecil, James W. (dissertation) A Critical Analysis of the Foreign Mission Board's

Procedures for the Involvement of Short Term Volunteers in Personal Presence Overseas Ministries. Fort Worth, Tex.: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1981.


Very in-depth analysis of how the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention recruits and encourages short-term missionaries, the administrative aspects of the Convention's STM and missionary program, motivations of STMers, and the impact of STMers on mission ministry, mission awareness, financial contribution to missions, and future missions involvement.

Finds that volunteers and missionaries both perceive STMs as increasing mission awareness, increasing financial giving; volunteers reported being motivated to long-term service, although most ruled themselves out from such service as unqualified; volunteers reported high motivation for further STM participation.


The STMs:


o       Missionaries: in response to "What effect do you feel short term volunteer ministries have on ministry awareness?" 81.8% indicated that short term volunteers have "much positive effect" on missions awareness.

o       Volunteers: in response to "How has your overseas ministry affected your knowledge of missions?" 79.8% said it "increased their knowledge greatly."

o       Missionaries: 68.2% felt STMs would positively effect financial support of world missions "much," 29.5% thought there would be a "moderate" positive effect.

o       Volunteers: more than 70% said they had increased mission giving due to volunteer experience.

        Primary Influences to Go on Short Term Service

-on a scale of "much-moderate-little-no", following percentages ranked following categories as "much":

On same scale as above: