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Brakke, Janel Jo.  " Demonstrating the Need for Health Educators on Short-Term Medical Missions: An Analysis of Intestinal Parasitic Infections in a Haitian Clinic Population."  master's thesisUniversity of Northern Iowa, 1997.

Summary:  The author collected data from patients while she participated in a two-week medical mission trip in rural Haiti and examined patient records at the clinic in Haiti that hosted her trip. She found that 11% of the patients treated had worms. 

She concluded that STMs should focus more on education and the participation of public health educators, since worms and other common illnesses can be avoided if individuals and communitites would make relatively simple changes in their habits. This more educational focus would make teh STMs have some long-term, sustainable benefit.

The author also recommends that medical STM team members be educated ahead of time about public health and tropical diseases.