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Beers, Stephen Thomas.  "Faith Development of Christian College Students Engaged in a One-Month Study Abroad Mission Trip." Ph.D. diss., Ball State University, 1999.

Engaged in a One-Month Study Abroad Mission TripMuncie, Ind.: Ball State University, 1999.


171 students from Taylor University-72 who participated in one-month STMs through that school during January Term and 99 who stayed on campus at that time (the control group)-responded to the Faith Maturity Scale, and the Growth in Mature Faith Index.  No significant differences found between pre-trip and post-trip scores on faith scales, but there were significant changes on some specific questions (e.g., becoming more accepting of people with different religious beliefs.)

The author notes that part of reason that there was little change may have been because subjects scored very high already on pre-trip- there was little room for improvement. 

The STMers also took a qualitative survey, the results of which indicated that participating in an STM helped them develop in relation to God and their attitudes towards service to others.



Of Taylor U students in general.