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Baar, Corrie L.  "Short-Term Student Missions and the Needs of Nationals.Ph. D. diss., Denver Seminary, 2003.


 The author interviewed nationals and resident missionaries in Ghana and Rwanda about their opinions of STM groups that work in those countries.  She also interviewed representatives of five STM-sending organizations (Youth for Christ, Pioneers, Child Evangelism Fellowship, The Navigators, and Taylor University's Lighthouse program) about the role of nationals in their plans/vision . 

"Yet they [sending organizations] are only one perspective of a multifaceted issue. The assessment of nationals and career missionaries must also be considered." (p. 45).

 Most of the 13 national interviewees were positive about STMs.  They said STM participants often attracted lots of extra attention to local ministries (mostly because of their novel appearance), and were good construction workers.

 However, many also said that they wished STMers spent more time interacting with nationals instead of with each other; that, whether positive or negative, a large part of the reason STMers attracted people to their rallies, Bible studies, was simply their white skin; that STMers should do construction, not evangelism, because there wasn't enough time for real evangelism; and that they wished STMers learned more about the host culture ahead of time.

The 4 missionaries interviewed, and the author, had negative or serious reservations about STMs.  They felt STMers tended to be culturally insensitive and a burden on the missionary.

Of the 5 STM-sending organizations surveyed, the author found that some focused more on the lives of nationals while others focused more on the lives of STM participants.  All, though, apparently felt they are doing God's work, since they continue sending students on STMs.