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Donald Bouma Lecture Series: Past Lectures

Donald Bouma Lecture Series Speakers

Nov. 6, 2013: Todd Robinson

"A City Within a City: The Black Freedom Struggle in Grand Rapids, Michigan"

Listen to Dr. Robinson's lecture »
(Please note that the Q&A at the end was not recorded in its entirety.)

Nov. 2, 2011: Mary Pattillo

"Race, Poverty, and 'Choice' Policies"

Watch a video from the Pattillo lecture »

April 22, 2010: Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo

"There's a Spirit that Transcends the Border: Religious Activists for Immigrant Rights"

Oct. 8, 2009: Christian Smith

"Understanding the Religious and Spiritual Lives of Emerging Adults in the U.S."

April 3, 2008: Sudhir Venkatesh

"Law & Order in the Urban Ghetto”

Watch a video from the Venkatesh lecture »

May 1, 2006: Thomas Sugrue

"Jim Crow’s Last Stand: The Struggle for Civil Rights in the Suburban North”

April 8, 2005: John Evans

"Religious Opinions Concerning Human Reproductive Genetic Technologies”

April 10, 2003: Mark Warren

"Building Multiracial Alliances: Morality, Interests, and the Search for Common Ground”

May 2, 2002: Gary D. Bouma

"Hijabs, Scientology & Citizenship: Religion as Perpetrator and Victim of Public Policy”

Nov. 7, 2001: Michael Emerson

"What Difference does it make that Sunday is the Most Segregated Time of the Week?”

Oct. 19, 1999: John McKnight

"Building New Communities from the Inside Out”