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Donald Bouma Lecture Series

Attend the Donald Bouma Lectures

The Donald Bouma Lecture Series is regularly offered by Calvin College's Sociology Department to provide a context for discussion of contemporary social issues.

Donald H. Bouma was a graduate of the college and taught at Calvin from 1946 to 1960. He was instrumental in establishing the Calvin Sociology Department and also served as the new department's chair.

Today Calvin continues to honor his contributions to the college with the Donald Bouma Lecture Series, sponsored by the Sociology and Social Work Department. The lecture series honors the memory of a man who made a mark at Calvin during his 14-year tenure and who made a mark in his work apart from his alma mater.

2013 Bouma Lecture

Dr. Todd E. Robinson is an Associate Professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Professor Robinson received a dual B.A. in History and American Studies from American University, M.M. from Cambridge College, M.A. from the University of Massachusetts, and a Ph.D. in History from the University of Michigan. He is the author of A City Within a City: The Black Freedom Struggle in Grand Rapids, Michigan, co-author of The Struggle for Freedom: The History of African Americans in Western Massachusetts, and several articles. Dr. Robinson is a frequent guest on National Public Radio, public speaker, and museum consultant. He is currently working on another manuscript entitled Fires, Flames, and Faith: The Untold Story of Black Church Burnings.

Donald Bouma Bio

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Past Series Speakers

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