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Faculty: Kurt Ver Beek

Short term missions resources

Publications by Kurt Ver Beek

  • Ver Beek, Kurt. 2008. Lessons from the sapling: Review of quantitative research on short-term missions. In Effective Engagement in Short-Term Missions: Doing it Right!(edited by Robert Priest, William Carey Library), pp. 469-496. Lessons from the Sapling :
  • Are Short-Term Missions Good Stewardship? (Christianity Today's on-line discussion about Short-Term Missions between Kurt Ver Beek and Robert Priest, associate professor of mission and intercultural studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. June 2005).

   1. Appendix 1 - Full Survey and Response Rate
   2. Appendix 2 - Individual Giving
   3. Appendix 3 - Church Giving




Media Mentions

  • 360° Vision (mp4 format) Television program episode about the real effects of Short-Term Missions using the research of Kurt Ver Beek as one of the sources of information.



Bibliography of short term missions

This bibliography is part of a continuing research project on short-term missions by Kurt Ver Beek. If you have suggestions, questions, or other materials you believe should be added to the bibliography, you can contact him at

Surveys, case studies, and other academic papers concerning STMs and related topics.

Articles in missions-focused publications.

Popular Press
Articles from both Christian and secular popular press about STMs and volunteer vacations.

How-to books.

Web Resources
Everything from "good STM" standards to orientation exercises to STM-sending organizations.

This bibliography was created with the research assistance of Abram Huyser-Honig and a Deur Grant from Calvin College.