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Careers: Graduates

What are recent social work grads doing?

Joe Kuilema '04

  • went to Nigeria for 10 months with Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
  • attended graduate school at University of Michigan for an MSW, now working on PhD
  • worked as a camp coordinator
  • now professor of social work at Calvin

Paul Vliem '06 and Joy Van Marion Vliem '05

  • worked as interns with Christian Reformed World Relief Committee in Lira, Uganda for one year doing language study, field visits, community building activities, partner meetings and study.
  • now Paul is studying in a dual social work and public policy masters program
  • Joy completed her MSW in 2008 and is pursuing a career in gerontology

Hope Lane '07

  • after graduation worked with Mercy Volunteer Corps in Philadelphia, Penn. working for Project H.O.M.E. in their outreach to the chronically homeless department
  • now an apprentice at Reba Place Fellowship, an intentional living community in Chicago, helping with refugee relations and adjustment

David Tweedie '07

  • spent one year doing case management at a Grand Rapids shelter for women and their children, helping clients secure housing, benefits, employment and life skills training
  • now working for the Grand Rapids Area Coalition to End Homelessness

Justin Antranikian '07

  • worked at Hope Network as an independent living instructor, working with clients in a residential home
  • worked at Michigan Family Resources as a family service worker, doing home visits, equipping families with resources and playing with kids
  • now enrolled in the computer science program at Grand Valley State University

Says Justin: "Whenever I tell people about my experiences in social work, I always say that social work is perfect for some people. I just realized that I was not one of them. I was able to find work in my field in Michigan—2 jobs actually, and I had to turn down interviews after I accepted the different jobs. So that is a big positive in my book.

Anna Taglialatela '08

  • working for an agency called St. Joseph's Villa, a group home for teens with mental illness

Featured alumni

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Katy Frey '99

Mary Terpstra Cagle '74

Jessica Krause Wuerffel '97