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Careers: Helpful Links

Explore the world of social work

  • Council on Social Work Education - Contains useful information about social work education and many links to other social work sites.

  • The National Association of Social Workers - The home page for NASW contains information about ethics, local chapters, social work credentials, educational opportunities, practice, advocacy, and much more.

  • Canadian Association of Social Workers - Includes information about jobs, legislation, conferences, publications, projects, and news affecting Canadian social workers and their clients.

  • North American Association of Christians in Social Work - Membership information, issues of faith and practice, communication with other Christian social workers, books, jobs, member services and much more are all here.

  • Information for Practice - IP is a free resource for social service professionals that focuses on professionally relevant stories in the world's news outlets; new articles in scholarly journals; and new resources appearing in the grey literature (e.g. scientific and technical reports primarily from governments and organizations).
  • Human Services Careers Network - Brings together Human Service agencies and professionals across the country to meet employment needs, provide useful tools, share "best practices", and communicate trends for the advancement of our clients.
  • The New Social Worker Online - This online resource offers job listings, discussion forum, books, and articles.
  • Social Work Job Bank - This website offers information about job postings and job searches for the Social Work graduate.
  • The Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics - JSWVE examines the ethical and values issues that impact and are interwoven with social work practice, research and theory development. The journal provides the necessary historical perspectives on the development of social work values and ethics, as well as present articles providing value and ethical dilemmas stemming from state-of-the-art developments.

Get started now

Check out opportunities at Calvin to get experience in areas related to social work.

Center for Social Research - Calvin's own internal research center. The CSR engages the community by providing both scholarly and contract research services. Some interesting projects the Center has worked on include a survey of the prevalence of abuse in the Christian Reformed Church and a study of the gender climate here at Calvin. The CSR also employs students on a part time basis as research assistants.

Service Learning Center - The Service-Learning Center is a campus office that coordinates a myriad of service-learning involvement with the local community. It provides information and referrals for students and others who wish to get involved in the local community. It also coordinates with faculty members who integrate service-learning into their courses. The SLC is located in the Commons Annex and can be reached by phone at 526-6455.