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Transfer Information: International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate (IB)

IB credit will be given to students who receive a grade of 5 or higher on Higher-level exams. No credit will be given for Subsidiary-level exams. Students must provide an official report of their IB exam scores. Information for sending a transcript can be found here:

The following list is not exhaustive of IB exams.

IB Exam Equivalency (credit)
Art Art elective (3)
Biology Biology core (4)
Chemistry Physical Sci core (4)
Computer CS 108 (4)
Economics ECON 221(4)
English ENGL 101(3)
English Lit Literature core (3)
French FREN 202 (4)
Geography GEOG 110 (4)
European History History core (4)
U.S. History History elective (3)
Indonesian LCTL (4)
Korean KOR 202
Mathematics Mathematics core (3)
Music MUSC 103
Philosophy Philosophy core (3)
Physics Physical science core (4)
Psychology PSYC 151 (3)
Spanish SPAN 202 (4)
Visual Arts Rhetoric in culture core (3)


College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Calvin College accepts credit only for the successful completion (50 or higher) of the Calculus with Elementary Functions CLEP examination. Credit granted for this exam is equivalent to 4 semester hours of Calculus I (Math 171). No other CLEP examinations are accepted.

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