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Transfer Information: Course Equivalency

Taylor University equivalency guide

The table below lists the most commonly transferred courses and indicates if they fill one of Calvin's core requirements. Courses not listed here may also transfer.

Contact the Transfer Advisor for more information about Calvin course equivalencies.

Taylor University Calvin Equivalent Fill Core?
ART 213 Western Art History I ARTH 101 Intro to the History of Art I Yes
ART 300 Art for Teachers ARTE 215 Intro to Elementary Art Education Yes
ART 313 Western Art History II ARTH 102 Intro to the History of Art II Yes
ART 316 Asian Art History ARTH 241 Asian Art Yes
BIB 110 Biblical Lit I REL 121 Biblical Lit & Theology Yes
BIB 320 Pentateuch REL 211 Pentateuch Yes
BIB 331 Pauline Epistles REL 223 Paul's Letters Yes
BIB 332 Hebrews & General Epistles REL 224 Revelation & General Letters Yes
BIB 340 Hebrew Prophets REL 214 Prophets Yes
BIB 341 The Gospels REL 221 Synoptic Gospels & Acts Yes
BIB 350 Poetic & Wisdom Lit REL 213 Psalms & Wisdom Lit Yes
PHI 110 Intro to Philosophy PHIL 153 Fundamental Questions in Philosophy Yes
PHI 201 Logic PHIL 171 Intro to Logic
PHI 202 History of Philosophy I PHIL 251 History of Western Philosophy I
PHI 203 History of Philosophy II PHIL 252 History of Western Philosophy II
PHI 323 World Religions: Eastern Tradition PHIL 225 Chinese Thought & Culture Yes
PHI 355 Metaphysics PHIL 383 Metaphysics
BIO 100 General Biology BIOL 111 Biological Science Yes
BIO 101 Principles of Cell Biology BIOL 141 Cell Biology & Genetics Yes
BIO 244 Human Anatomy & Physiology I BIOL 205 Human Anatomy
BIO 245 Human Anatomy & Physiology II BIOL 206 Human Physiology
ACC 241 Accounting Principles I BUS 203 Intro to Managerial Accounting
ACC 303 Cost Accounting BUS 305 Cost Accounting
ACC 405 Auditing BUS 311 Auditing
ACC 442 Federal Income Taxes BUS 306 Income Tax
ECO 190 Issues in Economics ECON 151 Principles in Economics Yes
ECO 211 Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 222 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 212 Principles of Microeconomics ECON 221 Principles of Microeconomics Yes
ECO 302 Labor Economics ECON 335 Labor Economics
ECO 331 Intermediate Microeconomics ECON 323 Intermediate Microeconomic
ECO 332 Intermediate Macroeconomics ECON 324 Intermediate Macroeconomics
FIN 428 Money & Banking ECON 331 Money & Banking
HRM 362 Human Resources Management BUS 365 Human Resource Management
HRM 462 Organizational Behavior & Development BUS 351 Organizational Behavior
CHE 311 Organic Chemistry I CHEM 261 Organic Chemistry I
CHE 312 Organic Chemistry II CHEM 262 Organic Chemistry II
CHE 320 Environmental Chemistry CHEM 271 Environmental Chemistry
CHE 320L Environmental Chemistry Lab CHEM 281 Laboratory in Environmental Chemistry
CHE 410L Biochemistry Lab CHEM 383 Laboratory in Biochemistry
CHE 411 Biochemistry I CHEM 323 Biochemistry I
CHE 412 Biochemistry II CHEM 324 Biochemistry II
CHE 431 Physical Chemistry I (take lab too) CHEM 317 Physical Chemistry I
CHE 431L Physical Chemistry Lab I
CHE 432 Physical Chemistry II (take with lab too) CHEM 318 Physical Chemistry II
CHE 432L Physical Chemistry Lab II
CAC 388 Communication and Culture CAS 140 Communication and Culture Yes
CAS 110 Public Speaking CAS 101 Oral Rhetoric Yes
CAS 120 Interpersonal Communication CAS 260 Interpersonal Communication
CAS 340 Intercultural Communication CAS 253 Intercultural Communication
ENS 200 Environment and Society PHYS SCI Yes
ENS 231 Intro to Environmental Science PHYS SCI Yes
ENS 241 Physical Geology GEOL 151 Intro to Geology Yes
ENG 110 Expository Writing ENGL 101 Written Rhetoric Yes
ENG 230 World Lit ENGL 210 World Lit I Yes
ENG 240 American Lit LIT CORE Yes
ENG 250 British Lit LIT CORE Yes
ENG 330 Early American Lit LIT CORE Yes
ENG 340 American Romanticism and Realism LIT CORE Yes
ENG 362 Shakespeare ENGL 346 Shakespeare
ENG 431 Romantic Lit ENGL 308 British Lit of the Early 19th Century
ENG 441 Victorian Lit ENGL 309 British Lit of the Middle and Later 19th Century
HIS 122 United States History I HIST 229 U.S.A.
HIS 123 United States History II HIST 229 U.S.A.  
HIS 211 History and Geography of Latin Am HIST 238 Latin American History Yes
HIS 213 History and Geography of Africa HIST 242 Modern West Africa Yes
HUM 230 Art as Experience ARTS CORE Yes
HUM 330 Arts and Ideas ARTS CORE Yes
MAT 120 Investigations in Mathematics MATH 100 Mathematics in the Contemporary World Yes
MAT 151 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I MATH 161 Calculus I Yes
MAT 210 Intro Statistics MATH 143 Intro to Probability & Statistics Yes
FRE 101 Elementary French I FREN 101 Elementary French I  
FRE 102 Elementary French II FREN 102 Elementary French II  
FRE 201 Intermediate French I FREN 201 Intermediate French I  
FRE 202 Intermediate French II FREN 202 Intermediate French II Yes
SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I  
SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II  
SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I  
SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish II SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II Yes
MUS 243 Music and WOrld Cultures ARTS CORE Yes
MUS 371 History and Lit I ARTS CORE Yes
MUS 372 History and Lit II ARTS CORE Yes
PHP 100 Fitness for Life PE CORE 1 Yes
PHP 200A Aerobic Conditioning PER 106 Aerobic Exercise Yes
PHP 200B Badminton PER 131 Badminton I Yes
PHP 200D Square Dance PER 166 Square/Folk Dance Yes
PHP 200F Softball PER 141 Slo-Pitch Softball Yes
PHP 200FD Folk Dances of the Cultures PER 166 Square/Folk Dance Yes
PHP 200G Golf PER 132 Golf I Yes
PHP 200K Basketball PER 173 Basketball Yes
PHP 200L Bowling PER 137 Bowling Yes
PHP 200Q Outdoor Activities PER 138 Outdoor Activities Yes
PHP 200R Racquetball PER 134 Racquetball I Yes
PHP 200S Soccer PER 185 Soccer Yes
PHP 200T Tennis PER 133 Tennis I Yes
PHP 200V Volleyball PER 135 Volleyball I Yes
PHP 200W Weight Training PER 107 Weight Training Yes
PHP 216 Applied Nutrition HE 254 Nutrition
PHP 271 and PHP 272 Cardio Resuscitation and First Aid HE 203 First Aid and Emergency Care
PHP 302 Lifeguard Training PE 191 Lifeguard Training
PHY 120 Experiences in Physical Science PHYS 110 Physical Science Yes
PHY 201 Intro Astronomy (must be 4 hour course) ASTR 110 Planets, Stars, and Galaxies Yes
PHY 211 University Physics I PHYS 221 General Physics I Yes
PHY 212 University Physics II PHYS 222 General Physics II
POS 100 American Politics POLS 101 American Politics Yes
POS 232 Methods of Political Analysis POLS 251 Methods of Political Analysis
POS 325 American Foreign Policy POLS 308 Principles of American Foreign Policy
POS 342 Public Administration POLS 209 Public Administration
POS 345 Congress and the Presidency POLS 314 The President and Congress
PSY 200 Intro to Psychology PSYC 151 Intro to Psychology:Perspectives on the Self Yes
PSY 240 Child Psychology PSYC 204 Developmental Psychology: Child
PSY 250 Life Span Development PSYC 201 Developmental Psychology: Lifespan
PSY 300 Abnormal Psychology PSYC 212 Psychopathology
PSY 321 Social Psychology PSYC 310 Social Psychology
PSY 330 Statistics & Design in Psych Research PSYC 255 Statistics and Research Design Yes
PSY 340 Adolescent Psychology PSYC207 Developmental Psychology:Adolescent
PSY 400 Theories of Personality PSYC 311 Theories of Personality
SWK 231 Social Welfare SOWK 240 Intro to Social Work and Social Welfare
SOC 100 Intro to Sociology SOC 151 Sociological Principles and Perspectives Yes
SOC 200 Cultural Anthropology SOC 153 Intro to Cultural Anthropology Yes
SOC 210 Contemporary Social Problems SOC 314 Contemporary Social Problems
SOC 220 Ethnic and Minority Issues SOC 250 Diversity and Inequality in the United States Yes
SOC 310 Religion and Society SOC 311 Religion and Society
SOC 355 Applied Social Statistics SOC 255 Statistics and Research Design Yes



You can contact the Transfer Evaluator by e-mail or phone: 616-526-6556