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Transfer Information: Course Equivalencies

Redeemer University equivalency guide

The table below lists the most commonly transferred courses and indicates if they fill one of Calvin's core requirements. Courses not listed here may also transfer.

Contact the Transfer Advisor for more information about Calvin course equivalencies.

Redeemer University Calvin Equivalent Fill core?
ART 103 Fundamentals of Art RHET CORE Yes
ART 225 History I ARTH 101 Introduction to the History of Art I Yes
ART 226 History II ARTH 102 Introduction to the History of Art II Yes
BIO 101 Biological Science BIOL CORE Yes
BIO 121 Intro to Biology I BIOL CORE Yes
BIOL 231 Cell Biology BIOL 141 Cell Biology & Genetics Yes
BUS 121 Intro to Business BUS 106 Intro to Business & Organizational Mgt
CHE 121 General Chemistry I CHEM 103 General Chemistry I Yes
CHE 122 General Chemistry II CHEM 104 General Chemistry II
CHE 242 Analytical Chemistry I CHEM 201 Analytical Chemistry
CHE 263 Organic Chemistry CHEM 261 Organic Chemistry I
CHE 264 Organic Chemistry II CHEM 262 Organic Chemistry II
LAT 101 Beginning Latin I LATN 101 Elementary Latin Yes
LAT 102 Beginning Latin II LATN 101 Elementary Latin Yes
GRE 201 Beginning Greek GREE 101 Elementary Greek Yes
GRE 202 Beginning Greek GREE 102 Elementary Greek Yes
HIS 322 Classical History GLOB HIST CORE Yes
COM 100 Fundamentals of Public Speaking CAS 101 Fundamentals of Oral Rhetoric Yes
DUT 101 Beginning Dutch I DUTC 101 Elementary Dutch Yes
DUT 102 Beginning Dutch II DUTC 102 Elementary Dutch Yes
ECO 121 Intro to Economics: Micro ECON 221 Principles of Microeconomics Yes
ECO 122 Intro to Economics: Macro ECON 222 Principles of Macroeconomics
ENG 101 Composition ENGL 101 Written Rhetoric Yes
ENG 222 Canadian Lit ENGL 219 Survey of Canadian Lit Yes
ENG 251 Children's Lit ENGL 325 Children's Lit
ENG 331 American Lit I ENGL 217 Survey of American Lit I Yes
ENG 332 American Lit II ENGL 218 Survey of American Lit II Yes
ENG 342 Renaissance English Lit ENGL 304 British Lit of the 16th Century
ENG 343 17th-Century English Lit ENGL 305 British Lit of the 17th Century
ENG 344 18th-Century English Lit ENGL 307 British Lit of the 18th Century
ENG 345 19th-Century English Lit I: Romantic ENGL 308 British Lit of the Early 19th Century
ENG 346 19th-Century English Lit II: Victorian ENGL 309 British Lit of the Middle & Later 19th Century
ENG 361 Shakespeare ENGL 346 Shakespeare
FRE 101 Beginners French I FREN 101 Elementary French Yes
FRE 102 Beginners French II FREN 102 Elementary French Yes
FRE 121 Advanced French I FREN 201 Intermediate French Yes
FRE 122 Advanced French II FREN 202 Intermediate French Yes
HIS 103 The Making of Europe HIST 151 History of the West & the World I Yes
HIS 104 Roots of the Modern World HIST 152 History of the West & the World II Yes
MAT 101 Fundamentals of Mathematics MATH 100 Mathematics in the Contemporary World Yes
MAT 114 Differential & Integral Calculus MATH 110 Pre-calculus Mathematics
MAT 121 Calculus I MATH 161 Calculus I Yes
MAT 215 Statistics MATH 143 Intro to Probability & Statistics
MUS 103 Intro to Music MUSC 103 Understanding to Music Yes
MUS 223 Music History I MUSC 204 Music History Yes
PHI 121 Intro to Philosophy PHIL 153 Fundamental Questions in Philosophy Yes
PHI 230 Ancient & Medieval Philosophy PHIL 251 History of Western Philosophy I
PHY 115 Physics for the Life Sciences PHYS 110 Physical Science Yes
PHY 121 General Physics I PHYS 221 General Physics Yes
PHY 122 General Physics II PHYS 222 General Physics
POL 221 Canadian Government & Politics POLS 102 Canadian Politics Yes
POL 225 American Government & Politics POLS 101 American Politics Yes
PSY 121 Intro to Psychology: General  PSYC 151 Introductory Psychology Yes
PSY 122 Intro to Psychology: Clinical  PSYC 201 Developmental Psychology: Lifespan
PSY 223 Developmental Psychology: Infant & Child PSYC 204 Developmental Psychology: Child
PSY 225 Developmental Psychology: Adolescent & Adult PSYC 207 Developmental Psychology: Adolescent
PSY 255 Social Psychology PSYC 310 Social Psychology
PSY 321 Abnormal Psychology PSYC 212 Psychopathology
REL 101 Biblical Theology REL 121 Biblical Lit & Theology Yes
REL 325 Old Testament Studies: The Writings REL 213 Psalms & Wisdom Lit Yes
REL 327 New Testament Studies: The Pauline Epistles REL 223 Paul's Letters Yes
REL 345 World Religions REL 255 World Religions
SOC 121 Intro to Sociology: Social Relations SOC 151 Sociological Principles & Perspectives Yes
SOC 122 Intro to Sociology: Social Institutions SOC 151 Sociological Principles & Perspectives Yes
SOC 235 Sociology of Marriage & Family SOC 304 The Family
SOC 241 Crime & Deviance SOC 306 Sociology of Deviance
SOC 243 Sociology of Religion SOC 311 Religion & Sociology
SOC 341 Urban Sociology SOC 302 Urban Sociology
SOW 101 Intro to Social Work SOWK 240 Intro to Social Work
THE 103 Intro to Theatre CAS 217 Principles of Theatre Yes
THE 232 Intro to Acting CAS 218 Principles of Acting



You can contact the Transfer Evaluator by e-mail or phone: 616-526-6556