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Transfer Information: Course Equivalencies

Providence Christian College equivalency guide

Calvin's policy allows students to transfer up to 70 semester hours of credit from 2 year institutions. The table below lists the most commonly transferred courses and indicates if they fill one of Calvin's core requirements. Courses not listed here may also transfer.

Contact the Transfer Advisor for more information about Calvin course equivalencies.

Providence Christian College Calvin Equivalent Fill core?
BTS 111 Old Testament Studies I Religion Core I          (Biblical Studies) Yes
BTS 112 Old Testament Studies II Religion Core I          (Biblical Studies) Yes
BTS 211 New Testament Studies I Religion Core I (Biblical Studies) Yes
BTS 212 New Testament Studies II Religion Core I (Biblical Studies) Yes
BTS 321 Pentateuch Elective
BTS 322 Historical Books Elective
BTS 323 Psalms & Wisdom Literature Elective
BTS 324 Prophetic Books Elective
Additional BTS courses will transfer, but one of the two Bib/Theol core requirements must be taken at Calviln
BIO 111 Principles of Human Biology BIOL 115 Human Biology Yes
BIO 112 Principles of Biological Science BIOL Core Yes
BUS 111 Business Math Elective
COM 101 Communication: Speaking and Listening CAS 101 Oral Rhetoric Yes
COM 211 Introduction to Theater CAS 217 Principles of Theatre Yes
COM 234 Film Studies CAS 145 Intro to Film Yes
CPS 105 Computing with Spreadsheets IS 171 Computing w/ Sprdsheets
CPS 106 Computing with Databases IS 141 Computing with Databases
CPS 107 Computing Presentation IS 151 Computing Presentation
ENG 101 Composition: Writing & Research ENGL 101 Written Rhetoric Yes
ENG 201 Introduction to Literature ENGL 230 Understanding Literature Yes
ENG LIT: Most literature courses will transfer to fill literature core at Calvin.
ECO 211 Microeconomics and Behavior ECON 221 Microeconomics Yes
GEO 205 World Geography GEOG 110 World Regions Yes
GRK 206 Intermediate Greek II GREE 202 Interm. Greek B Yes
HEB 202 Intermediate Hebrew II Foreign Lang core   Yes
HPE 101 Walking/Jogging PER 101 Jogging Yes
HPE 102 Racquetball PER 134 Racquetball I Yes
HPE 116 Outdoor Adventure: Hiking & Backpacking PER 138 Outdoor Activities Yes
Other HPE activity based courses will fill Health and Fitness core requirements at Calvin (3 required)
MAT 131 Pre-Calculus Math MATH 110 Pre-Calculus Math
MAT 161 Calculus I MATH 161 Calculus I Yes
MAT 243 Statistics MATH 143 Statistics Yes
MUS 211 Music Appreciation MUSC 103 Understanding Music Yes
MUS 246 World Music Survey MUSC 107 World Music Yes
MUS 250 Survey of Worship Music in Church History Arts Core   Yes
PHL 101 Perspective in Philosophy PHIL 153

Fund Questions in Phil

PSY 101 General Psychology PSYC 151 Intro to Psychology Yes
SOC 101 Principles of Sociology SOC 151

Sociological Principles

SOC 153 Cultural Anthropology SOC 153 Cultural Anthropology Yes
SCI 113 Concepts of Physical Science Physical World Core   Yes
SPN 201 Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPN 202 Intermediate Spanish II SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II Yes



You can contact the Transfer Evaluator by e-mail or phone: 616-526-6556