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Transfer Information: Course Equivalencies

Oakland Community College equivalency guide

Calvin's policy allows students to transfer up to 70 semester hours of credit from 2 year institutions. The table below lists the most commonly transferred courses and indicates if they fill one of Calvin's core requirements. Courses not listed here may also transfer.

Contact the Transfer Advisor for more information about Calvin course equivalencies.

Oakland Community College Calvin Equivalent Fill core?
ANT 1540 Anthropology SOC 153 Intro to Cultural Anthropology Yes
ART 1560 Art Appreciation ARTS CORE Yes
ART 1700 Islamic & Asian Art GLOBAL/HISTORICAL Yes
BIO 1511 Life Science LIVING WORLD Yes
BIO 1530 Principles of Biology LIVING WORLD Yes
BIO 1540 General Zoology LIVING WORLD Yes
BIO 1550 General Botany LIVING WORLD Yes
CHE 1000 Intro Chemistry CHEM 101 The Molecular World Yes
CHE 1320 Survey of Organic & Biochemistry PHYSICAL WORLD Yes
CHE 1510 General Chemistry I CHEM 103 General Chemistry I Yes
CHE 1520 General Chemistry II CHEM 104 General Chemistry II
ECO 2610 Economics I ECON 222 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 2620 Economics II ECON 221 Principles of Microeconomics Yes
ENG 1510/1520 Composition I and II (both are required) ENGL 101 Written Rhetoric Yes
ENG 1610 Women in Literature ENGL 290 Literature and Women
ENG 2530 World Literature I ENGL 200 World Literature I Yes
ENG 2540 World Literature II ENGL 200 World Literature II Yes
ENG 2550 British Literature I ENGL 212 Survey of British Literature I Yes
ENG 2560 British Literature II ENGL 213 Survey of British Literature II Yes
ENG 2650 Children's Literature ENGL 340 Children's Literature
ENG 2750 Intro to Shakespeare ENGL 338 Shakespeare
FRE 1510 Beginning French I FREN 101 Elem French I  
FRE 1530 Beginning French II FREN 102 Elem French II  
FRE 2610 Interm French I FREN 201 Interm French I  
FRE 2620 Interm French II FREN 202 Interm French II Yes
GER 1510 Beginning German I GERM 101 Elementary German I  
GER 1530 Beginning German II GERM 102 Elem German II  
GER 2610 Interm German I GERM 201 Interm German I  
GER 2620 Interm German II GERM 202 Interm German II Yes
GSC 1530 Intro Geology GEOL 120 Earth Systems Yes
GSC 1580 Astronomy ASTR 110 Planet, Stars, & Galaxies Yes
GSC 1590 Cosmology ASTR 111 The Solar System Yes
GSC 1620 Intro to Environmental Geology PHYSICAL WORLD Yes
HEA 1510 Nutrition HE 254 Nutrition
HIS 1510 World Civilization to Modern Era HIST 151 History of the West and the World I Yes
HIS 1520 World Civilization from the Modern Era HIST 152 History of the West and the World II Yes
HUM 1510 Arts & Literature:  Western Traditions ARTS CORE Yes
HUM 1520 Major Traditions in Western Art… ARTS CORE Yes
JPN 1510 Beginning Japanese I JAPN 101 Elem Japanese I  
JPN 1530 Beginning Japanese II JAPN 102 Elem Japanese II  
JPN 2610 Interm Japanese I JAPN 201 Interm Japanese I  
JPN 2620 Interm Japanese II JAPN 202 Interm Japanese II Yes
MAT 1580 Statistics MATH 143 Intro to Probability & Statistics Yes
MAT 1600 Applied Calculus MATH 132 Calculus for Mgt, Life, & Soc Sciences
MAT 1730 Calculus I MATH 171 Calculus I Yes
MUS 1560 Understanding Music MUSC 103 Understanding & Enjoying Music Yes
Musc 1590 History of Music: Rock Era ARTS CORE Yes
PER 1620 Basketball PER 173 Basketball Yes
PER 1653 Dance-Modern PER 153 Modern Dance I Yes
PER 1654 Dance-Ballet PER 155 Ballet Dance I Yes
PER 1655 Dance-Ballet II PER 165 Modern Dance II Yes
PER 1657 Jazz Dance I PER 152 Jazz Dance I Yes
PER 1681 Golf-Beginning PER 132 Golf I Yes
PER 1682 Golf-Intermediate PER 133 Golf II Yes
PER 1730 Karate PER 129 Karate Yes
PER 1740 Cardio Cross Training PER 106 Aerobic Exercise Yes
PER 1741 Jogging PER 101 Jogging Yes
PER 1742 Aerobic Dance PER 105 Aerobic Dance Yes
PER 1745 In-Line Skating PER 109 In-Line Skating Yes
PER 1790 Self-Defense PER 130 Self-Defense Yes
PER 1802 Cross Country Skiing PER 126 Cross Country Skiing Yes
PER 1831 Swimming-Beginning PER 108 Lap Swimming Yes
PER 1841 Tennis-Beginning PER 182 Tennis I Yes
PER 1842 Tennis Interm PER 183 Tennis II Yes
PER 1862 Volleyball PER 174 Volleyball I Yes
PER 1920 Racquetball PER 171 Racquetball I Yes
PER 1941 Fencing Beginning PER 187 Fencing Yes
PHI 1510 Intro to Philosophy PHIL 153 Fundamental Questions in Philosophy Yes
PHI 1610 Ethics PHIL 205 Ethics
PHI 1710 Intro to Logic PHIL 171 Intro to Logic
PLS 1010 Intro to Criminal Justice SOC 210 The Criminal Justice System Yes
POL 1510 American Government POLS 101 American Politics Yes
POL 2530 International Relations POLS 207 Intro to International Relations Yes
PSY 2510 Intro to Psychology PSYC 151 Intro to Psychology Yes
PSY 2910 Abnormal Psychology PSYC 212 Psychopathology
SOC 2510 Sociology SOC 151 Sociological Principles Yes
SOC 2530 Racial & Ethnic Group Relations SOC 250 Diversity & Inequality in the US Yes
SPA 1510 Beginning Spanish I SPAN 101 Elem Spanish I  
SPA 1530 Beginning Spanish II SPAN 102 Elem Spanish II  
SPA 2610 Interm Spanish I SPAN 201 Interm Spanish I  
SPA 2620 Interm Spanish II SPAN 202 Interm Spanish II Yes
SPW 1610 Fundamentals of Speech CAS 101 Oral Rhetoric Yes
THE 1561 Intro to Theatre CAS 217 Principles of Theatre Yes
THE 1571 Intro to Acting CAS 218 Principles of Acting



You can contact the Transfer Evaluator by e-mail or phone: 616-526-6556