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Transfer Information: Course Equivalencies

Lansing Community College equivalency guide

Calvin will accept a maximum of 70 semester hours from a community college. The list below offers commonly transferred courses as well as courses that will fill Calvin's core requirements. Courses not listed here may also transfer.

Contact the Transfer Advisor for more information about Calvin course equivalencies.

Lansing Community College Calvin Equivalent
ACCG 210  Prin of Accounting I  BUS 204 Financial Accounting
ACCG 211  Prin of Accounting II  BUS 203 Intro to Managerial Acc
ANTH 270  Cultural Anthropology  SOC 153  Cultural Anthropology  Global/Hist core
ARCH 141  Architectural History I  ARCT 201  Architectural History I 
ARCH 142  Architectural History II  ARCT 202  Architectural History II 
ASTR 201  Introductory Astronomy  ASTR 110  Planets, Stars & Galaxies  Physical World core
BIOL 127  Cell Biology  Living World    Living World core
BIOL 128  Organismal Biology  Living World    Living World core
BIOL 201  Human Anatomy BIOL 205  Human Anatomy 
BIOL 202  Human Physiology  BIOL 206  Human Physiology 
BIOL 203 Microbiology with Lab  BIOL 207  Introductory Microbiology 
BIOL 260  Botany  Living World    Living World core
BIOL 265  Zoology  Living World    Living World core
BUSN 118  Intro to Business  BUS 160  Business Foundations  
CHEM 151 Gen Chem I & Lab  CHEM 103  General Chemistry I  Physical World core
CHEM 152 Gen Chem II & Lab  CHEM 104  General Chemistry II  Physical World core
CHEM 251 Organic Chem I/ Lab  CHEM 261  Organic Chemistry 
CHEM 252 Organic Chem II/Lab  CEHM 262  Organic Chemistry 
CJUS 101 Intro to Crim Justice SOC 210 Criminal Justice System Societal core
CPSC 120 Intro to Computers IDIS 110 Fndt of Info Tech Technology core
DANC 101  Ballet I  PER 155  Ballet Dance I  Health core
DANC 102  Modern Dance I  PER 153  Modern Dance I  Health core
DANC 103  Jazz I  PER 152  Jazz Dance I  Health core
DANC 104  TAP I  PER 151  Tap Dance I  Health core
ECON 201  Prin of Econ-Micro  ECON 221  Microeconomics  Societal core
ECON 202  Prin of Econ-Macro  ECON 222  Macroeconomics 
ECON 260 Comp Econ Systems CORE Global/Hist core
ENGL 208  Children's Literature  ENGL 325  Children's Literature 
ENGL 211  World Literature I  ENGL 210  World Literature I  Literature Core
ENGL 212  World Literature II  ENGL 211  World Literature II  Literature Core
ENGL 255  American Literature I  ENGL 220  American Literature I  Literature Core
ENGL 256  American Literature II  ENGL 221  American Literature II  Literature Core
ENGL 260  African-Am Literature  ENGL 225 African-Am Literature 
ENGL 266  British Literature I  ENGL 212 Survey of British Lit I  Literature Core
ENGL 267  British Literature II  ENGL 213  Survey of British Lit II  Literature Core
ENGL 270  Literature by Women  ENGL 290  Literature and Women 
ENGL 290  Shakespeare  ENGL 338 Shakespeare 
FREN 121  Elementary French I  FREN 101  Elementary French 
FREN 122  Elementary French II  FREN 102  Elementary French 
FREN 201  Interm French I  FREN 201  Intermediate French 
FREN 202  Interm French II  FREN 202  Intermediate French  Foreign Lang core
GEOG 200  World Regional Geog  GEOG 110  World Regional Geog  Global/Hist core
GEOG 202  Geog of North America  GEOG 241  Geography U.S. & Canada  Societal core
GEOL 221  Physical Geology  GEOL 151  Intro to Geology  Physical World core
GEOL 222  Historical Geology  GEOL 152  Historical Geology  Physical World core
GERM 121  Elementary German I  GERM 101  Elementary German 
GERM 122  Elementary German II  GERM 102  Elementary German 
GERM 201  Intermediate German I  GERM 201  Intermediate German 
GERM 202  Intermediate German II  GERM 202  Intermediate German  Foreign Lang core
HIST 150  African-Amer History  HIST 255  African-American History 
HIST 212  U.S.: 1877 to Present  HIST 229  U.S.A. 
HIST 214  African History  Global/Hist core    Global/Hist core
HIST 240 Latin American History HIST 238 Hist of Lat. America Global/Hist core
HIST 250  History of Modern Asia  Global/Hist core    Global/Hist core
HIST 260  Conflict & Rev S. Africa  Global/Hist core    Global/Hist core
HUMS 120  Art & Music History  Arts core     Arts core
HUMS 160  Mythology  CLAS 231  Classical Mythology  Arts core
HUMS 211  History of Art I  ARTH 101  Intro to the History of Art I  Arts core
HUMS 212  History of Art II  ARTH 102  Intro to the History of Art II  Arts core
HUMS 213 World Civilizations I History core History core
HUMS 214 World Civilizations II History core History core
HUMS 221 Islamic Civilization Global/Hist core Global/Hist core
JAPN 121  Elementary Japanese I  JAPN 101 Elementary Japanese 
JAPN 122  Elementary Japanese II  JAPN 102  Elementary Japanese 
JAPN 201  Interm Japanese I  JAPN 201  Intermediate Japanese 
JAPN 202  Interm Japanese II  JAPN 202  Intermediate Japanese  Foreign Lang core
MATH 141  Calculus w/ Applications  MATH 160  Elem Functions & Calculus  Math Core
MATH 151  Calculus I  MATH 161  Calculus I  Math Core
METR 220  Intro to Meteorology  GEO 191  Meteorology  Physical World core
MUSC 144  Beginning Piano I  MUSC 120  Piano 
MUSC 240  World Music History I  MUSC 203  Musical Perf. in W Culture  Arts core
MUSC 241  World Music History II  MUSC 204  Basic Music History  Arts core
PFAQ 100  Swimming  PER 140  Swimming I  Health core
PFAQ 101  Swimming  PER 140  Swimming I  Health core
PFAQ 112  Scuba  PE 198  Scuba Instruction 
PFAQ 121  Lifeguard Training  PE 191  Lifeguard Training 
PFAQ 122  Water Safety Instruction  PE 192  Water Safety Instructor 
PFFT 107  Jogging  PER 101  Jogging  Health core
PFFT 120  Aerobic Exercise  PER 106  Aerobic Exercise  Health core
PFSP 102  Basketball  PER 173  Basketball  Health core
PFSP 105  Bowling  PER 137  Bowling  Health core
PFSP 107  Fencing  PER 187  Fencing  Health core
PFSP 109  Golf: Beginning  PER 132  Golf I  Health core
PFSP 110  Golf: Intermediate  PER 182  Golf II  Health core
PFSP 124  Tennis: Beginning  PER 133  Tennis I  Health core
PFSP 125  Tennis: Intermediate  PER 183  Tennis II  Health core
PFSP 126  Volleyball  PER 135  Volleyball I  Health core
PFWT 112  Weight Training I  PER 107  Weight Training  Health core
PHIL 152  Intro to Ethics  PHIL 205  Ethics 
PHIL 211  World Philosophies I  PHIL 251  Hist of Western Phil I
PHIL 212  World Philosophies II  PHIL 252  Hist of Western Phil II
PHYS 200  Applied Physics  PHYS 110  Physical Science  Physical World core
PHYS 221  Intro Physics with lab  PHYS 221  General Physics  Physical World core
PHYS 222  Intro Physics II with lab  PHYS 222  General Physics 
POLS 120  Am Political System  POLS 101  American Politics  Societal core
POLS 121  State & Local Govnt  POLS 202  Am State & Local Politics 
POLS 240 Intro to Public Policy POLS 212 American Public Policy Societal core
POLS 240 Intro to Public Policy POLS 212 American Public Policy Societal core
POLS 270 Intern'l Relations POLS 207 Intro to Intern'l Relations Global/Hist core
PSYC 200  Intro to Psychology  PSYC 151  Introductory Psychology  Persons/Comm core
PSYC 205  Human Growth & Dev  PSYC 201  Devel Psyc: Lifespan 
PSYC 221  Child Psychology  PSYC 204  Devel Psyc: Child 
PSYC 222  Adolescent Psychology  PSCY 207  Devel Psych: Adolescent 
RELG 211 World Religions 1 REL 255 World Religions Global/Hist core
RELG 212 World Religions 2 REL 255 World Religions Global/Hist core
RELG 241 Old Testament Lit Biblical core 1 Biblical core 1
RELG 242 New Testament Lit Biblical core 1 Biblical core 1
RELG 250 Religions of East Asia Global/Hist core Global/Hist core
SIGN 161  Am Sign Language I  CAS 361  American Sign Language I 
SIGN 162  Am Sign Language II  CAS 362  American Sign Language II 
SOCL 120  Intro to Sociology  SOC 151  Soc Prin & Perspectives  Societal core
SOCL 254  Marriage & Family  SOC 304  The Family 
SOCL 260 Race and Ethnicity SOC/SOWK 250 Diversity & Inequality in US Persons/Comm core
SOWK 101  Intro to Social Work  SOWK 240  Social Wk & Soc Welfare 
SPAN 121  Elementary Spanish I  SPAN 101  Elementary Spanish 
SPAN 122  Elementary Spanish II  SPAN 102  Elementary Spanish 
SPAN 201  Intermediate Spanish I  SPAN 201  Intermediate Spanish 
SPAN 202  Intermediate Spanish II  SPAN 202  Intermediate Spanish  Foreign Lang core
SPCH 130  Fund Public Speaking  CAS 101  Oral Communication  Rhetoric/Culture core
SPCH 140  Interpersonal Comm CAS 260  Interpersonal Comm
SPCH 280  Intercultural Comm CAS 253  Intercultural Comm
STAT 170 Intro to Statistics MATH 143  Intro Statistics & Probability Math Core
STAT 215  Intro to Probab & Stats  MATH 143  Intro to Prob & Statistics  Math Core
THEA 110  Intro to Theatre  CAS 217  Principles of Theatre  Arts core
THEA 120  Intro to Acting  CAS 218  Principles of Acting 
WRIT 121/122  Composition I & II  ENGL 101  Written Rhetoric  Written Rhetoric core




You can contact the Transfer Evaluator by e-mail or phone: 616-526-6556