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Transfer Information: Course Equivalencies

Kalamazoo Valley Community College equivalency guide

Calvin will accept a maximum of 70 semester hours from a community college. The list below offers commonly transferred courses as well as courses that will fill Calvin's core requirements. Courses not listed here may also transfer.

Contact the Transfer Advisor for more information about Calvin course equivalencies.

Kalamazoo Valley Community College Calvin Equivalent
Course Number Title Course Number Title Core Course
ACC 101 Principles of Accounting I BUS 203 Intro to Managerial Accounting
ART 132 Intro to Photography ARTS 256 Intro to Photography
ART 200 Art for the Elementary Teacher ARTE 215 Intro to Elementary Art Education Yes
ART 213 Intermediate Photography ARTS 356 Advanced Photography
BIO 100 Fundamentals of Biology BIOL 111 Biological Science Yes
BIO 101 Cellular Biology BIOL 141 Cell Biology & Genetics Yes
BIO 102 Botany   BIOL CORE Yes
BIOL 110 Anatomy & Physiology BIOL 205 Mammalian Anatomy
BIO 130 Microbiology BIOL 207 Introductory Microbiology
BUS 101 Business Principles & Practices BUS 160 Intro to Business & Organization Mgt
CHM 100 Fundamentals of Chemistry CHEM 101 The Molecular World Yes
CHM 120 General Chemistry I CHEM 103 General Chemistry Yes
CHM 130 General Chemistry II CHEM 104 General Chemistry II Yes
CHM 220 Organic Chemistry I CHEM 261 Organic Chemistry
CHM 230 Organic Chemistry II CHEM 262 Organic Chemistry
COM 101 Public Speaking CAS 101 Communication & Culture Yes
COM 113 Interpersonal Communication CAS 260 Interpersonal Communication
COM 201 Advanced Public Speaking CAS 200 Advanced Oral Rhetoric
COM 223 Interpersonal Communication   Rhetoric Core Yes
ECO 110 Econ & Contemporary Social Issues ECON 151 Principles of Economics Yes
ECO 201 Macroeconomics ECON 222 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 202 Microeconomics ECON 221 Principles of Microeconomics Yes
ENG 110 & Eng 111 College Writing 1&2 ENGL 101 Written Rhetoric Yes
ENG 201 English Literature I ENGL 215 Survey of British Literature I Yes
ENG 202 English Literature II ENGL 216 Survey of British Literature II Yes
ENG 203 American Lit: Beginning to 1865 ENGL 217 Survey of American Literature I Yes
ENG 204 Am Lit II: Civil War to Present ENGL 218 Survey of American Literature II Yes
ENG 205 World Literature ENGL 211 World Literature II Yes
ENG 206 Shakespeare ENGL 346 Shakespeare
ENG 207 African American Literature ENGL 283 African-American Literature
ENG 230 Women in Literature ENGL 290 Literature & Women
ENG 242 Children's Literature ENGL 325 Children's Literature
ENG 244 Literature for Adolescents ENGL 326 Adolescent Literature
FRL 130 Beginning Spanish I SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I Yes
FRL 131 Beginning Spanish II SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II Yes
FRL 134 Beginning French I FREN 101 Elementary French I Yes
FRL 135 Beginning French II FREN 102 Elementary French II Yes
FRL 138 Beginning German I GERM 101 Elementary German I Yes
FRL 139 Beginning German II GERM 102 Elementary German II Yes
FRL 160 American Sign Language I CAS 361 American Sign Language I
FRL 161 American Sign Language II CAS 362 American Sign Language II
FRL 201 Intermediate French I FREN 201 Intermediate French I Yes
FRL 202 Intermediate French II FREN 202 Intermediate French II Yes
FRL 203 Intermediate German I GERM 201 Intermediate German I Yes
FRL 204 Intermediate German II GERM 202 Intermediate German II Yes
FRL 205 Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I Yes
FRL 206 Intermediate Spanish II SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II Yes
GEO 110 Physical Geology GEOL 120 Earth Systems Yes
GEO 120 Physical Geography GEOG 120 Earth Systems Yes
HRY 207 History of Russia   Global Historical Core Yes
HRY 210 History of the Far East   Global Historical Core Yes
HUM 101 Modern Culture & the Arts   ARTS CORE Yes
MATH 120 Finite Mathematics   MATH CORE Yes
MATH 158 Applied Calculus MATH 132 Calc for Mangmnt, Life and Soc Sciences
MATH 160 Calculus I & Analytic Geometry MATH 171 Calculus I Yes
MATH 220 Probability & Statistics MATH 143 Intro to Probability & Statistics Yes
MATH 264 Differential Equations & Linear Algebra MATH 231 Differential Equations with Linear Algebra
MUS 101 Music Appreciation MUSC 103 Understanding & Enjoying Music Yes
MUS 102 History of Rock 'n'Roll   ARTS CORE Yes
MUS 111 Piano Class I MUSC 120 Piano
MUS 112 Piano Class II MUSC 220 Piano
MUS 121 Guitar Class I MUSC 160 Guitar
MUS 122 Guitar Class II MUSC 260 Guitar
MUS 131 Voice Class I MUSC 130 Voice
MUS 132 Voice Class II MUSC 239 Voice
PHI 201 Intro to Philosophy PHIL 153 Fundamental Questions in Philosophy Yes
PHI 203 Intro to Logic PHIL 171 Intro to Logic
PHI 205 Ethics PHIL 205 Ethics
PHY 100 Fundamentals of Physics PHYS 110 Physical Science Yes
PHY 111 College Physics PHYS 221 General Physics Yes
PHY 112 College Physics PHYS 222 General Physics
PHY 120 Astronomy elective credit only(no lab)
PSI 100 Intro to Political Science POLS 101 American Politics Yes
PSI 102 State & Local Government POLS 202 American State & Local Politics
PSY 150 Introductory Psychology PSYC 151 Introductory Psychology Yes
PSY 160 Human Growth & Development PSYC 201 Developmental Psychology: Lifespan
PSY 250 Abnormal Psychology PSYC 212 Psychopathology
SOC 102 Principles of Sociology SOC 151 Sociological Principles & Perspectives Yes
SOC 153 Intro to Cultural Anthropology SOC 153 Intro to Cultural Anthropology Yes
WPE 109 Water Safety Instructor PE 192 Water Safety Instructor
WPE 110 Lifeguard Training PE 191 Lifeguard Training
WPE 112 Safety & First Aid HE 203 FIrst Aid & Emergency Care
WPE 151 Walking & Running for Fitness PER 102 Walking Yes
WPE 152 Swimming for Fitness PER 108 Lap Swimming Yes
WPE 153 Weight Training for Fitness PER 107 Weight Training Yes
WPE 155 Aerobic Dance PER 106 Aerobic Dancing Yes
WPE 157 Beginning Bowling PER 137 Bowling Yes
WPE 158 Beginning Cycling PER 103 Cycling Yes
WPE 159 Beginning Golf PER 132 Golf I Yes
WPE 160 Beginning Swimming PER 140 Swimming I Yes
WPE 161 Beginning Tennis PER 133 Tennis I Yes
WPE 164 Beginning Downhill Skiing PER 177 Downhill Skiing Yes
WPE 165 Beginning Ice Skating PER 176 Ice Skating Yes
WPE 168 Volleyball PER 135 Volleyball I Yes
WPE 169 Coed Softball PER 141 Slo-Pitch Softball Yes
WPE 175 Intro to Rock Climbing PER 142 Rock Climbing Yes
WPE 176 Scuba Diving PE 198 Scuba Diving
WPE 257 Intermediate Bowling PER 137 Bowling Yes
WPE 260 Intermediate Swimming PER 170 Swim II Yes
WPE 261 Intermediate Tennis PER 183 Tennis II Yes




You can contact the Transfer Evaluator by e-mail or phone: 616-526-6556