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Registration: Interim

Interim 2015


CANCELLED FREN W80 Interim in Quebec.  In this course students live in Montreal with French-speaking host families that provide bed, breakfast, and dinner. Classes are held in downtown Montreal in space provided by the Farel Reformed Theological Seminary (near the University of Montreal). Over the three weeks of class, students examine current events in Quebec. They also study a novel, shorts stories, and films set in Montreal. In the afternoons, the group visits the neighborhoods described in these works and have various activities, ranging from museum visits, plays, concerts, and walking tours to service learning, tubing, skating, skiing, and (if possible) a Canadiens hockey game. Invited speakers offer seminars covering potential topics such as the differences between Quebecois French and “standard French," urban planning in Montreal, and the religious history of Quebec. Excursions include a weekend trip to Quebec City and a trip to the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal for a day of winter activities. This course may fulfill an elective in the French major or minor.  This course will fulfill the CCE requirement.  Prerequisite: French 201.  Course dates:  January 3-24.  Fee: $3173.  O. Selles. Off campus.

FREN 112 Multisensory Structured French II. The second course in a three-course sequence of language study designed to meet the special needs of at-risk students. Materials are presented with an emphasis on understanding the nature of language. General language-learning skills are developed as specific foreign language goals are met. Prerequisites: The course is open to students who are continuing from French 111 and expect to complete through the French 113 level. J. Vos-Camy. 9:00 a.m. to noon.

FREN 132 Intermediate French. This is the second course in a closely integrated sequence of language study involving two semesters and the interim. The course is open to students continuing from French 131 as well as students wishing to brush up on their French skills. Students in this sequence complete their world language requirement with French 202. V. De Vries. 8:30 a.m. to noon.