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Registration: Interim

Interim 2015

Computer Science

CS W60 Christian Computing: Thailand. This course introduces students to the application of computing in a cross-cultural, Christian context. Students will travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand, and work with software engineers and linguists on the campus of Payap University - a key center for the development of software support tools for languages in Southeast Asia. Students will: develop support tools for cross-cultural, Christian work; participate in classroom sessions focused on cross-cultural computing and Thai culture; interact with local students from the English program at Payap University; participate in Thai cultural events including visits to Buddhist temples, Thai cooking exhibitions and Thai Christian church services. This course is designed for students with basic computing skills. This course will fulfill the CCE requirement.  Prerequisite: CS 112 or consent of the instructors. Course dates: January 7-27.  Fee: $3291.  B. & K. VanderLinden. Off campus.