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Registration: Interim

Interim 2014


DUTC W40 Dutch Interim Abroad. Experience Dutch culture and everyday life in the Netherlands. This course features extensive interaction and meetings with people in the Netherlands. Excursions to places of education, business, and political institutions, as well as museum visits, concerts, church services, and guided tours are also aspects of the course. Depending on language background of participants, individual students may receive semi-formal instruction in Dutch. Local and intercity travel is done via bus, train, and bicycle. Lodging is in comfortable hostels and home stays. Extended stays are in the cities of Amsterdam, Amersfoort or Harderwijk, and Middelburg with excursions to numerous other cities and into Dutch-speaking Belgium. There are several free days for travel. Course goals are that students demonstrate gains in Dutch language skills and that they increase their understanding of various religious, political, and cultural facets of the Low Countries. This interim is open to all students, but students having taken at least one Dutch language course are given priority admittance to this course. This course may fulfill an elective in the Dutch major and minor. This course will fulfill the CCE requirement. Course dates: January 8-28. Fee: $3260. H. De Vries. Off campus.