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Registration: Interim

Interim 2013

International Development Studies

***The following courses will fulfill an elective in the International Development Studies major or minor.***

HIST W10 Vietnam & Cambodia: Legacy of Empire & War. Course dates: January 3 - 20. Fee: $3,938. W. Van Vugt. Off campus.

HIST W60 Turkish Transformations.Course dates: January 3-23. Fee: $3700. D. Howard. Off campus.

IDIS W11 Indonesian Intersections: Business, Education and Culture. Course Dates:  January 3 – 24.  Fee: $4,475.  E. Van Der Heide, D. Buursma.  Off campus. 

IDIS W42 Leadership in Africa. Course dates: January 3-23. Fee: $4670. B. Arendt, B. Crow, M. Fackler, C. Jen. Off campus.

IDIS W47 Development in Jamaica. Course dates: January 3-23. Fee: $2723. L. Schwander, T. Vanden Berg, R. Venema. Off campus.

IDIS W61 Partnering to Improve Health in Rural India.  Course dates: January 1 - 23. Fee: $3900. D. Bossenbroek, S. Couzens. Off campus.

NURS W60 Belize: A Nursing Experience. Course dates: January 3-23. Fee: $2990. R. Boss Potts. Off campus.