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Registration: Interim

Interim 2012


NURS W60 Belize: A Nursing Experience. Immerse yourself in the health issues and nursing care of the people of the small developing country of Belize, Central America. Belize is both geographically and culturally diverse with mountains, rainforests and the largest coral reef in this hemisphere! The objective of this course is to have nursing students reflect on Christian nursing care in a developing country, to experience cultural health care and to adapt nursing skills to a variety of settings. Nursing students have the opportunity to serve in community clinics, private hospitals, struggling government hospitals & an orphanage. Students learn from local herbalists, traditional midwives and folk healers.  Students take an excursion to Guatemala for 3 days to explore the contrast in health care and culture of these two developing countries. Students will also have the opportunity to live in a Mayan village absorbing the culture firsthand. Students learn about village health needs and the role of the traditional birthing assistant. Clinical experiences, cultural events, reflective discussion and informal lectures contribute to the learning in this interim. Course goals are that students demonstrate Christian nursing care, understand cultural health care and adapt nursing skills to a variety of settings. Student evaluation is based on preparatory readings, required journal, final presentation and participation in course activities. Prerequisite: Students must complete at least one semester of nursing courses. Course dates: January 4-24. Fee: $2960. R. Boss Potts.  Off campus.

IDIS W29 A Real Pain of a Class. E. Byma.  2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

IDIS W62 Partnering to Improve Health in Rural India. Course dates: January 3-24.  Fee: $3125. D. Bossenbroek, M. Doornbos.  Off campus.