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Registration: Interim

Interim 2012

International Development Studies

***The following courses will fulfill an elective in the International Development Studies major or minor.***

IDIS340/HIST 380 Field Work in Archaeology. Course dates: January 2-28. Fee: $3400. B. deVries. Off campus.

IDIS W11 Indian Business & Christianity. Course dates: January 4-25. Fee: $3600. L. Van Drunen. Off campus.

IDIS W12 Business and Culture in Brazil. Course Dates: January 4-25. Fee: $5300. R. Eames, E. Van Der Heide. Off campus.

IDIS W40 Transforming Cambodia. Course dates: January 4-24.  Fee: $3900.  D. Dornbos Jr., L. De Rooy, P. Dykstra-Pruim (Calvin College), S.K. Lee, H. Kim (Handong Global University). Off campus.

IDIS W43 Economic and Environmental Planning in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta.  Course dates: January 1-25.  Fee: $3975. J. Curry.  Off campus.

IDIS W45 Building Communities in Uganda. Course dates:  January 4-24.  Fee: $3350. D. Hoekema.  Off campus.

IDIS W62 Partnering to Improve Health in Rural India.  Course dates: January 3-24.  Fee: $3125. D. Bossenbroek, M. Doornbos.  Off campus.

NURS W60 Belize: A Nursing Experience. Course dates: January 4-24. Fee: $2960. R. Boss Potts.  Off campus.

SOWK W80 Development in Liberia. Course dates: January 3-23.  Fee: $3,500. R. Venema. Off campus.

SPAN W80 Interim in Yucatan. Course dates: January 3-24. Fee:  $2200. M. Bierling, E. Miller.  Off campus.

CANCELED SPAN W81 Spanish Language and Service Learning in Nicaragua. Course dates: January 4-24. Fee:  $2700.  O. Leder.  Off campus.