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Registration: Interim

Interim 2012

Geology, Geography & Environmental Studies

GEOL 153  Big Sky Geology (4) (May).   This is a field-based introductory geology course taught in southwestern Montana.  A study of the materials and processes of Earth, leading to a responsible Christian appreciation for Earth and its proper stewardship.  Topics include minerals, rocks, and ores; Earth’s interior and crustal structure; plate tectonics; surface processes producing soils and landforms; geological time and principles for interpreting Earth history; natural geological hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, landslides; and human abuse issues such as groundwater pollution and their remediation.  This course is offered as an “Interim in May”; thus all participants will not take one normal January interim class:  either the January interim preceding the May session, or the January interim following the May session.  The course also requires participation in three preparatory sessions of two-three hours each during the Spring term, prior to leaving for Montana, plus a 1-hr. rock & mineral quiz. This course will fulfill the Natural World Core.  Course dates: May 21-June 4. Fee:  $1250. R. Stearley. Off campus.

IDIS W43 Economic and Environmental Planning in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta. Course dates: January 1-25.  Fee: $3975. J. Curry.  Off campus.