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Registration: Interim

Interim 2011

International Development Studies

CANCELED CAS W10 The Deaf Culture in Peru. This interim provides students with the chance to learn about the Deaf culture in Peru through visiting and working with a school for the Deaf in Lima run by the Union Biblica Peru.  Students interact with deaf students and their instructors and learn about how deaf activists are trying to work politically to promote Deaf culture in Peru. Students work with deaf teens at a camp for the first week.  The second week they help at the deaf center in various ways.  Students also learn about Peruvian and Inca culture in the capital city of Lima, where we explore historical neighborhoods and museums on entering and leaving the country.  Priority will be given to students who have good Spanish and who have studied ASL. This course may fulfill an elective in the International Development Studies major or minor. This course will fulfill the CCE requirement.  Course dates:  Fee: $3620.  P. Goetz. Off campus.

IDIS W13 International TeachingJ. Simonson, P. Villalta.         

IDIS W43 Leadership in AfricaM. Fackler, C. Robert Crow.

CANCELED IDIS W46 Seeds of Hope: Tropical Agriculture & International DevelopmentT. Kuperus.

IDIS W47 The Jamaican Journey.  L. Schwander, T. VandenBerg.

IDIS W53 Guatemala, Closer than You Think.  D. Miller.

IDIS  W61 China: Culture, Medicine & Bioethics.  H. Bouma, A. Shen.                                     

IDIS  W63 Partnering to Improve Health in Rural India.  C. Feenstra.

IDIS  W80 Practicing Development (MAY).  K. VerBeek.
SOWK W80 Development in Liberia.  J. Kuilema.

SPAN  W80 Spanish in Yucatan.  E. Miller.

SPAN  W81 Spanish Language & Service Learning in Nicaragua.  O. Leder, M. Pyper.