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Interim 2011


W80 Advanced Chemical Engineering.  This course addresses essential advanced topics for design. Topics build on the foundational concepts from several earlier chemical engineering courses. The course includes advanced topics from separations, heat transfer, and nonelementary kinetics. An introduction to mathematical modeling for advanced transport is considered. In addition, fundamental concepts of environmental, health, and safety issues, as well as corrosion and materials of construction, for design are presented. Evaluation is based on daily homework, class presentations, and a final exam. This course meets the requirement for an advanced technical elective interim course for seniors in an engineering major. It meets the requirement for an engineering elective for the engineering minor.  Prerequisites: Engineering 330, 331, 335, and senior standing. J. & J. VanAntwerp.  8:30 a.m. to noon.

W81 Finite Element Analysis. The finite-element method is a design and analysis tool widely used in many areas of engineering. In this course students consider the historical development, the fundamental principles, and the various applications of this method in the areas of structural mechanics and heat transfer. Exercises are assigned to orient the student to available general-purpose software. There is an in- depth focus on several design projects. Evaluation is based on the exercises, design-project reports, and a final presentation. This course may fulfill an elective requirement in the Engineering major. This course may fulfill a senior topics elective for engineering majors.  Prerequisite: ENGR 305 and senior standing in engineering or permission of the instructor.  R. DeJong.  8:30 a.m. to noon.

W82 Environmental Hydrogeology. This course addresses analysis of groundwater quantity and quality and design solutions to common groundwater problems encountered by civil engineers. The first objective is to introduce and apply fundamental concepts including groundwater resources, flow, and well hydraulics. From there, groundwater quality and contaminant fate and transport are covered, with applications to wastewater reclamation and reuse, risk assessment, and remediation schemes. A second objective is to develop critical problem solving and design techniques. Modeling approaches are presented and used throughout in support of design projects. Evaluation is based on homework assignments and design projects. This course may fulfill a senior special topics interim for Engineering students. Prerequisite: ENGR 320 and 306 or permission of instructor. B. Guidice. 8:30 a.m. to noon.

IDIS W40 Dutch LandscapesH. Aay, R. Hoeksema.

IDIS W48 Business, Engineering & Religion in the Context of European CultureR. Brouwer, M. Kuyers, N. Nielsen.

IDIS W81 China Business & EngineeringA. Si, L. Van Drunen.

IDIS W84 iPhone App Startup S. VanderLeest.

IDIS 103 Oral Rhetoric for Engineers. M. Steelman-Okenka.