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Interim 2011


W40 Teaching & Learning with Technology.  This course will assist students in assessing their own administrative and instructional needs as a teacher and in becoming fluent with a variety of technologies that can be used to meet these needs. Students will explore existing educational environments and gain the knowledge needed to confidently assess a schools technology resources and determine which technologies they will effectively adopt. Exploration will include the enhancement of student learning to simple time saving tips for a teacher’s day-to-day routine. Students will explore their own preferred teaching style and identify technologies that will help them reach a wider range learning styles.  After two weeks of analyzing case studies and becoming familiar with technologies ranging from educational games to wireless course management software, students will spend one week in an educational environment putting into practice the skills they have learned.  This course is required for the Computer Science secondary education minor.  M. Terpstra.  8:30 a.m. to noon.

IDIS W13 International TeachingJ. Simonson, P. Villalta.

IDIS W33 Introduction to StorytellingJ. Kuyvenhoven