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Interim 2010

Political Science

W80 United Nations in New York. A first-hand study of major global issues before the UN; the UN’s programs and activities to address them; and the perspectives and diplomacy of different countries on them. The heart of the course features two weeks of intensive briefings sessions with UN officials and diplomats of member states, plus three days of introductory sessions on campus. The topics of the semester range from political issues (e.g., nation-building in Afghanistan, peacekeeping in Sudan, nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea, combating terrorism, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict) to economic and social issues(e.g., sustainable development, trade, HIV-AIDS, hunger, human rights, and global warming). On-site class discussions are integrated with the briefings. A list of required readings will be available in December. Evaluation will be bases on participation in the briefing and class sessions, a journal of all briefing session, and a reflective essay or issue paper. This course may fulfill an elective in the Political Science, International Relations and International Development studies majors. This course will fulfill the CCE requirement. POLS 207 or 309 is recommended.  Course dates: January 6-26. Fee: $1,795.  R. DeVriesOff campus.

IDIS W48 Monarchy: Hollywood vs. Political Realities. K. Casey.

IDIS W80 The Human Experience of WarB. Stevenson, J. Westra.

IDIS 375 Methods & Pedagogies for Secondary Social StudiesR. Schoone-Jongen.