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Interim 2010


W60 Performing Chinese and American Music: An Orchestral Experience.  This study, presentation and comparison of American and Chinese orchestral and chamber music on site in China  provides students with an opportunity to prepare and perform several concerts including chamber music (small ensembles), church music for use in worship, and music for larger orchestra. The orchestra shares music from our own continent – “Music from the Americas” and also learns from contemporary Chinese orchestral and folk musicians. Guest lectures and conversations with Chinese composers, music teachers, and conductors as well as readings that contextualize musical life in China provide a rich cross-cultural experience. Several nights of hosted stays, use of local transportation and joint concerts with local groups further provide for engagement of Chinese culture. Effort is be made to visit a wide variety of sites, concert venues, cities and churches. As performance will play a major part of the class, there will be significant time spent in rehearsal.  The days prior to departure for China—Wed, Thurs, Fri and possibly Monday (Jan ,6,7, 8)—will include 2-3 hours of rehearsal daily.  Additionally, there will be at least 4 lectures on issues relating to the repertory  the locales of music and culture in China in the last 400 years. Sectional rehearsals will be led by Dr. David Reimer. Evaluation will be based on a paper, a daily journal, a chamber piece performed for the class with oral introduction and daily participation. Prerequisite: Participation in MUSC 171 A or B in the Fall 2009 semester. Course dates: January 6-25.  Fee: $3700. R. Nordling, D. Reimer. Off campus.

IDIS 306 Introduction to Medieval Studies: Music, Liturgy and Ceremony in the Gothic EraT. Steele.