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Registration: Interim

Interim 2009


MUSC W80 Beethoven. From Hollywood film scores to the ceremony marking the collapse of the Berlin Wall, Beethoven’s music speaks to the contemporary world in unique ways, giving expression to what are felt to be universal human values. In this course students will encounter Beethoven’s music and Beethoven himself through the sounds, words and images of his day and our own culture. The course will include listening to his music, viewing performances on DVD, and watching recent films, including Immortal Beloved. Readings will include accounts of his life and discussions of the reception of his music in romantic, modern and postmodern culture.  Evaluation is based on a listening journal, two papers and a final exam. This course may fulfill an elective in Music Majors or minors. Prerequisite: Any three-credit course in music, or permission of the instructor. The ability to read music and rudimentary understanding of technical musical concepts will be helpful, but neither is required. T. Steele.

MUSC W81 Instrumental Chamber Music. This course is intended for all string, wind, brass, and percussion students who want to pursue music in small ensembles.  Students will be assigned to an appropriate ensemble for daily rehearsals and weekly performances.  Coaching of the small ensembles will be done by the course instructors, supplemented by guest musicians.  In full class sessions, students will also explore other examples from the literature of chamber music, and discuss entrepreneurial, social, and spiritual issues of importance to chamber music performers. Evaluation is based on daily rehearsals, listening projects, readings, writing of program notes, and preparation of a press kit. This course may fulfill an elective for Music majors.  Prerequisites: students must be able to read music notation fluently, and be able to play a string, brass, woodwind, or percussion instrument at a senior-in-high school level.  D. Reimer, T. Engle. 2:00 to 5:00.