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Registration: Interim

Interim 2009


HE W10 An Introduction to Nutrition. All food was created good.  Even so, we often make uninformed food choices.  This course will explore the basic concepts of nutrition, including nutrient composition, “super foods”, eating wisely in the dining hall, apartment cooking, and the effect our own choices have on our health, the health of a community, and local and worldwide food availability.  We will take a concerted look at specific food- related issues of social justice, including our farming and production practices, our systems and infrastructure for food distribution to the poor, and the impact of hunger on health, learning, and quality of life. Evaluation is based on projects, quizzes, presentations, and a reflection paper. J. Walton. 8:30 to noon.

PE W40 Women's Health.  This course focuses on personal decision making in all dimensions of women's health.  We investigate, discuss, and share women's health concerns ranging from cancer to sexuality.  We focus on the unique physiology and anatomy of women, as well as on health care use and advocacy.  Community experts, women's health videos, and field trips to selected agencies add to our learning experience.  This course may fulfill an elective for exercise science majors and physical education minors. Evaluation is based on a class presentation, a health interview, attendance of relevant January Series Lectures, and two reaction papers on journal articles relevant to women's health issues.  D. Bakker, A. Warners. 8:30 to noon.

CANCELED PE W41 Coaching Young Athletes. This course is designed to provide students with knowledge and practical experiences related to coaching young athletes.  It focuses on knowledge, skills, strategies, and issues in youth sport.  This course aims to develop insight and knowledge for a youth sport leader, primarily in the areas of philosophy and pedagogy, and secondarily in psychology, physiology, and risk management.  The course will study issues involved in coaching the young athlete in an attempt to expose the complicated demands of coaching and the necessary tools and skills one should possess in order to be successful in coaching. Evaluation is based on coach profiles, observations, coaching plans, and papers. This course may fulfill an elective in the coaching minor. J. Bergsma, K. Gall.  8:30 to noon.

RECR 308 Recreation Program and Facility Management. The course will review the principles and procedures related to the operation and care of private and public recreation resource areas, and facilities.  Topics will include:  Establishment of legal authority for operations, developing policies and guidelines,  interagency coordination and/or competition, safety and security, and systems evaluation. Evaluation is based on tests, papers, projects, and class participation. 8:30 a.m. to noon.

IDIS W10 Grand Canyon Outdoor Educator. R. Walter-Rooks.

IDIS W18 Be Fit For Life: Bike Australia. R. Blankespoor, N. Meyer, C. Tatko.

IDIS W24 Sports in Film and Fiction. B. Bolt, J. Timmer Jr.

IDIS W29 An Inside Look At the January Series. R. Hondered, K. Saupe.

IDIS W30 Dancing Across the Elementary Curriculum. E. Van't Hof.

PER activities Courses (1 semester hour)

133A Tennis I.  Staff.  10:30-11:30 (MTWTHF)

137A Bowling.  #+ Staff.  8:30-10:00 (MWF)

155A Ballet I.  Staff.  12:30-3:00 (MTW)

165A Ballet II.  Staff.  1:00-3:15 (THF)

176A Ice Skating.  #+  Staff.  10:30-noon(MWTH)

177A Downhill Skiing.  #+  Staff.  2:00-3:45 (MWTH)

177B Downhill Skiing.  #+ Staff.  6:00-8:30 (TTH)

186A Gymnastics.  #+ Staff.  1:30-3:00 (MWTHF)

@ Elective only, does NOT fulfill core.

# Fee required.  Pick up information sheet in P.E. Office.

+ Class will meet off-campus.