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Interim 2009


HIST 294 Research Methods in History.  This course is an introduction to historical sources, bibliography, and research techniques, by giving particular attention to the different genres of history writing, the mechanics of professional notation, critical use of print and electronic research databases, and the development of critical reading skills with respect to historical exposition and argumentation. In this letter-graded course, evaluation is based on several reports, essays, and a final exam. Prerequisite: one course in history or permission of the instructor. NOTE: This is a required two-semester hour course in the history major. K. Maag. 9:00 to 11:30.

HIST 375 Social Studies Methods. This course introduces prospective teachers to important curricular and pedagogical issues related to teaching history and social studies at the middle and high school level. It examines the links between a Christian understanding of human nature, pedagogy, curricular standards, lesson planning and curriculum construction, teaching resources, classroom methods, and assessment instruments. Prerequisites: EDUC 302-303 or permission of the instructor. R. Schoone-Jongen. 8:30 to noon.

HIST380/IDIS 340 Field Work in Archaeology. This course is offered in conjunction with field work done by Calvin faculty or quality field schools of other universities. An on-site introduction to archaeological field work designed to expose the student to the methodologies involved in stratigraphic excavation, typological and comparative analysis of artifacts, and the use of non-literary sources in the written analysis of human cultural history.  The Jan 2009 Interim field school involves students in a Documentation Season at Umm el-Jimal, Jordan, a well preserved town from the Roman, Byzantine, Early Islamic and modern eras. Students will participate in digital photographic documentation of structures, planning of both digital and actual site-museum presentation, interview-based recording of modern Umm el-Jimal village culture, architectural analysis and soil sampling, working as part of a team of professional archaeologists from Jordan, Germany and the United States. Three weekends will be used for travel in Jordan, including a visit to Petra; a post session trip to Jerusalem is optional. Prerequisite: Interdisciplinary 240 or permission of the instructor. Course dates: January 3-26. Fee $3212. B. de Vries. Off campus.

IDIS W27 Film Noir and American Culture. J. Bratt, B. Romanowski.