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Interim 2009

Computer Science

CS W60 Agile Ruby on Rails. This course examines agile software development using Ruby on Rails.  Agile development processes such as testing (at the unit, functional, and acceptance levels), refactoring, and pair programming are practiced.  Various web technologies like HTML, CSS, Ajax, and RESTful interfaces are used to create interesting websites.  Students are not expected to know any web technologies entering the course, but it may prove helpful.  Prerequisites: CS 108 or equivalent. J. Frens. 8:30 to noon.

CS 344 Artificial Intelligence. This course is an introduction to artificial intelligence. Topics include problem solving, knowledge representation, planning, machine learning, natural language processing and robotics. Students will be introduced to programming techniques from AI such as heuristic search, expert systems and neural networks, as well as to AI's philosophical, psychological and religious context. Prerequisite: 214 (or 112 and permission of the instructor). K. VanderLinden. 2:00 to 5:00.

IDIS W64 Animation & Interaction - Flash!. J. Nyhoff.

IDIS 110 Foundations of Information Technology. P. Bailey.