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Registration: Interim

Interim 2008


W61 Health Care in the Dominican Republic. This interim to the Dominican Republic provides those interested in faith-based health care the opportunity to explore the health care system and health needs of the warm and hospitable yet needy people of the country. Students work with both national and U.S. physicians and nurses in health care sites in the capital city of Santo Domingo, in hospitals and clinics in small towns and in traveling clinics in remote and extremely poor areas in the interior of the island. Students learn how the Dominicans care for orphaned children, those with mental illness and the elderly. They are introduced to voodoo as practiced especially by the Haitians. They interact with development workers who bring clean water and safe sewage systems to rural areas. They see faith based medical missions in a variety of contexts. Issues of justice and compassion challenge students as they encounter the unique health care problems of a developing country. Field trips to historical sites, museums, and tourist locations round out the experience. Evaluation is based on directed reflections in journals, participation and investment. This course will fulfill the CCE core requirement. Prerequisites: Minimum of sophomore standing and permission of the instructor. Knowledge of Spanish is helpful. Preference will be given to beginning health care professionals. One recommendation is required. The date for this course are January 3 - 22, 2008. Fee: $2,400. C. Feenstra. Off campus.

IDIS W11 Ethiopia: Community of Hope. Dr. Tibebe, M. VanderWal .