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Interim 2008


PE W10 Experiential Education. This course will explore the many ways experiential education is used to facilitate personal growth in such settings as service learning, ropes courses, environmental education centers, therapeutic camps, alternate education programs, and wilderness therapy. Students will experience a wide range of activities such as canoeing the 100 mile wilderness canoe trail in Everglades National Park in Florida as they learn to develop and intentionally use experiential activities to facilitate personal growth within a Christian worldview. In addition, students will examine group dynamics as well as practice a wide range of outdoor skills (canoeing, kayaking, minimum impact camping) throughout the trip. Evaluation of the course will include peer teaching, journaling, and a reflective paper at the conclusion of the experience. The dates for this course are January 2-23. Fee: $1,204. D. De Graaf. Off campus.

W11 Coaching Young Athletes. This course is designed to provide students with knowledge and practical experiences related to coaching young athletes. It focuses on knowledge, skills, strategies, and issues in youth sport. This course aims to develop insight and knowledge for a youth sport leader, primarily in the areas of philosophy, psychology, and pedagogy, and secondarily in physiology and risk management. The course will study issues involved in coaching the young athlete in an attempt to expose the complicated demands of coaching and the necessary tools one should possess in order to be successful in coaching. Students will demonstrate knowledge and ability to utilize effective teaching principles in one’s coaching through one’s planning and peer teaches (tests, practice plans, and peer teaches). Students will demonstrate the ability to constructively and reflectively critique their own coaching as well as other coaches’ teaching/coaching (peer teach reflections and observations). Students will demonstrate the knowledge and ability to analyze and critique information and issues in coaching youth sports. (wizard questions, tests, articles, small group work). Students will demonstrate understanding and knowledge of the multitude of factors and issues which impact a coach and which go into coaching a sport team (philosophy paper, coaching plan, small group work). J. Bergsma, K. Gall. 8:30 a.m. to noon.

W40 Women's Health. This course focuses on personal decision making in all dimensions of women's health. We investigate, discuss, and share women's health concerns ranging from cancer to sexuality. We focus on the unique physiology and anatomy of women, as well as on health care use and advocacy. Community experts, women's health videos, and field trips to selected agencies add to our learning experience. Students are expected to make a class presentation, conduct a health interview, attend relevant January Series Lectures, and write two reaction papers on journal articles relevant to women's health issues. This course may fulfill an elective requirement in the Exercise Science major, physical education minor and helath minor. D. Bakker, A. Warners. 8:30 a.m. to noon.

W42 Exercise Science and Wellness. The objective of this course is to introduce students to the disciplines of exercise science and wellness, including study, technology, certification, professional associations and career opportunities. This course will include lab experiences in biomechanics, exercise stress testing, body composition assessment, strength determination and flexibility testing. In addition, the course will include field trips to a corporate fitness center, a physical therapy clinic, a hospital-based cardiac rehabilitation clinic and a sport training facility. Methods of evaluation will include chapter quizzes, professional journal article reviews, lab reports and presentations. This course may fulfill an elective requirement in the Exercise Science major. Course fees: $50 to cover transportation and honorarium costs. N. Meyer, R. Zuidema. 8:30 a.m. to noon.

IDIS W12 The Warm Heart of Africa. B. Bolt, J. Walton.

IDIS W13 Costa Rica Outward Bound. R. Walter Rooks.

IDIS W28 Sports in Film & Fiction. J. Timmer.

IDIS W30 Dancing Across the Elementary Curriculum. E. Van't Hof.