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Interim 2007


CANCELED W80 Christian Nursing in the Philippines . This course exposes nursing students to some of the unique nursing care situations of a developing country while allowing them to interact with other nursing students in Christian nursing programs. Opportunities to live, work and study alongside Philippine nursing students broadens Calvin students' understanding of Philippine culture. In addition, the close partnership of student to student provides many opportunities to develop an understanding of the expectations and responsibilities of a Philippine nurse and a developing health care system. Growth in cultural awareness and ability to interact with those of the Philippine culture is expected. Students travel on the large island of Luzon as well as on the smaller island of Negros Oriental . This allows students to see the striking contrast between wealth and poverty in Manila and the poverty of those living in the countryside. The beautiful tropical setting provides a backdrop for a culture of gentle people who have experienced major influences of the Spanish and Americans. The majority of the course involves experiencing nursing in both acute and community nursing settings in company with a Filippino student, with informal lectures and reflective discussions. Student evaluation is based on orientation meetings, a required reflective journal, and participation in course activities. This course will fulfill an elective requirement for the International Development Studies (IDS) major. Prerequisites: Pre-nursing student of at least sophomore standing or nursing student. Fee: $2,725. C. Feenstra. Off campus .

W81 Belize : A Nursing Experience. In this course, students explore health concerns and care strategies for the people of Belize , a culturally, socially and economically varied nation of seven distinct groups including Mayan, Mennonite, Taiwanese, and Garifuna. Nursing students have the opportunity to serve in community clinics, private hospitals and struggling government hospitals. Students also learn from local herbalists, traditional midwives and folk healers, and learn about village health needs and the role of the community health worker and traditional birthing assistant in a Mayan village.  The course includes an excursion to Guatemala to explore the contrast in health care and culture of these two developing countries. Students will also have the opportunity to live in a Mayan village. The course meets four times in the fall to enhance preparation for this experience. Course goals are that students demonstrate Christian nursing care, understand cultural health care and adapt nursing skills to a variety of settings. Student evaluation is based on preparatory readings, required journal, final presentation and participation in course activities. This course will fulfill an elective requirement for the International Development Studies (IDS) major. Prerequisites: Satisfactory completion of at least one semester of nursing courses and permission of the faculty. Fee: $2,953. R. Boss Potts. Off campus.

CANCELED W82 Nursing in a Native American Setting. This practicum course is offered in conjunction with Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital in Gallup , New Mexico . Gallup sits on the edge of the largest Native American Reservation in the US , the Navajo Nation, and is a center for Native American culture. While in New Mexico students have the opportunity to explore clinical areas of interest while learning about the culture of Native Americans. The practice setting allows the students to work in a small regional hospital and many outpatient clinics. They will interact with a diverse group of clients, many of whom are Native American. Students also have the opportunity to interact with school children while doing health education presentations in local schools. The course foci is exploring cultural diversity and how it impacts health care delivery. Students expand their knowledge through clinical practice, cultural events, and seminar discussions. Excursions to area canyons, cliffs and Native American ruins provide students with opportunities to enjoy the southwest and its unique beauty. Evaluations are based on participation in seminars, clinical performance, and student reflections. Prerequisite: A declared major in nursing. Students who have completed at least one semester of nursing courses will be given first priority. Fee: $1,750. M.Vander Wal . Off campus.


Interim 2007 Subjects

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Communcation Arts & Sciences
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