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Advising: Assessing Your Learning Style

Step 1 - Evaluating your major

Step 2 - Assessing your learning style

Have you ever wondered why your friend does great in class, but you don't?  Or why you do well in an English 101 (or Business 160, or History 152, or IDIS 110, or whatever!) course one semester, but poorly in that type of course the next semester?  It may simply mean that the instructor's teaching style does not match your learning style.  While it would be great if every instructor could tailor a course to suit all learning styles....that would be a difficult task to accomplish.

One key to being successful in each course is determining your learning style and how to approach the class in order to best meet your learning style.

Tools for Assessing Your Learning Style

VARK Questionnaire - The VARK site is one of the best known sites for determining whether you are a visual, aural, reading/writing, or kinesthetic learner, hence the name VARK.  If you have more than one strong learning style, then you would be considered multi-modal.  This site also gives you tips on how to adapt information in a way that meets your learning style. -This site is a great place to explore your learning style a bit further.

Step 3 - Using Available Resources