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Advising: Core Curriculum

Possible high school exemptions

Foreign language

To obtain a high school exemption from the foreign language requirement, a student must have four (4) sequential years in the same foreign language with a C or better each term. Students who have taken less than four years will be asked to take a language placement test to determine how many semesters of college-level foreign language will be required.

At least two (2) years of high school foreign language (C or better each term) will be required of students who are in the following academic programs that have a reduced foreign language requirement: accountancy (BSA or BSPA), engineering (BSE), fine arts (BFA), nursing (BSN), and recreation (BSR).


A high school exemption from one Natural World course requirement is possible. (Students must take one science core at the college level.) Students who have taken at least three (3) years of upper level high school science (excluding physical or environmental science) with a grade of C or better each term are eligible for an exemption from either the physical or living Natural World core requirement.