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Advising: Cross Cultural Engagement

Cross Cultural Engagement

Approved off-campus semester programs

The following off-campus semester courses will fulfill Calvin's CCE requriement.

Program Course Title Type
Britain STBR-312 Studies in British Culture Integral
China STCH 210 Modern China Integral
France STFR 270 Study in France Cross-cultural Engagement Integral


STGH 312 The Culture and People of Ghana and West Africa Integral
Honduras SPHO 315 Cross Cultural Engagement in Honduras Integral
Honduras STHO 210 Exploring a Third World Society-Honduras Integral
Hungary STHU 312 Studies in Central European Culture-Hungary Integral
Netherlands STNL 230 Toward Environmental Sustainability in the Netherlands Integral
New Mexico STNM 394 Christian Community Seminar-New Mexico Integral
Peru STPE 317 Contemporary Peruvian Culture Integral
Spain STSP 215 Cross Cultural Engagement Integral
Spain STSP 312 Contemporary Spain Integral
Thailand Included Development Studies in Thailand Integral