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Advising: Cross Cultural Engagement

Cross Cultural Engagement

Interim 2012 - Approved CCE Courses

Course Title Type
ARTH W80 Venetian Art & Architecture Integral
CAS W40 English Language by Rail (May) Optional
GERM W80 German Interim Abroad Integral
IDIS 340/HIST 380 Field Work in Archaeology Integral
IDIS W10 Galciers, the Outback & the Great Barrier Reef Integral
IDIS W11 Indian Business & Christianity Integral
IDIS W12 Business & Culture in Brazil Integral
IDIS W13 French Feminism in Paris Integral
IDIS W14 River & Rainforest: Costa Rica Integral
IDIS W15 L'Abi Fellowship Optional
IDIS W18 Chinese Medicine & Culture Integral
IDIS W40 Transforming Cambodia Integral
IDIS W42 Italy: Ancient & Medieval Optional
IDIS W43 Economic & Environmental Planning in Hong Kong & the Pearl River Delta Integral
IDIS W45 Building Communities in Uganda Integral
IDIS W52 Business, Engineering & Religion Integral
IDIS W53 One Bilble, Many Readings Optional
IDIS W60 Science & Religion: Italy & England Integral
IDIS W61 International Missions Computing/Accounting Integral
IDIS W62 Partnering to Improve Health in Rural India Integral
IDIS W80 Performing Asian Choral Music Integral
IDIS-290-A Bridging the Racial Divide Integral
PSYC W60 History of Psychology & Religion Integral
REL W40 Theology of Beauty in Amercian Context Integral
REL W41 Israel: Land of teh Bible Integral
SOWK W80 Development in Liberia Integral
SPAN W80 Interim in Yucatan Integral
IDIS 290

Bridging the Racial Divide (On-campus)