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Advising: Cross Cultural Engagement

Cross Cultural Engagement

Interim 2011 - Approved CCE Courses

Course Title Type
CAS W80 (MAY) Different, Worlds, Different Stories Integral
DUTC W40 Dutch Interim Abroad Integral
GERM W80 German Interim Abroad Integral
IDIS W10 Adventure in teh Waters of Panama Integral
IDIS W11 Be Fit for Life: Bike Australia Integral
IDIS W13 International Teaching Integral
IDIS W14 Peace, Pubs and Pluralism: Diffusing Religious Tensions in a Postmodern World Integral
IDIS W15 Reformation in Scotland & London Integral
IDIS W16 Taos Art & Literature Integral
IDIS W18 Byzantine Ottoman Turkey Integral
IDIS W19 (MAY) Sustainability in New Zealand Integral
IDIS W32 L'Abri Fellowship Optional
IDIS W40 Dutch Landscapes Integral
IDIS W43 Leadership in Africa Integral
IDIS W44 Pagans & Christians: the Intersection of Classical Culture & Early Christianity in Ancient Greece Optional
IDIS W45 Theatre Old & New in London Optional
IDIS W47 The Jamaican Journey Integral
IDIS W48 Business, Engineering, & Religion in the Context of European Culture Integral
IDIS W53 Guatemala, Closer than you Think Optional
IDIS W61 China: Culture, Medicine & Bioethics Integral
IDIS W62 Hawaiian Farms & Food Integral
IDIS W63 Partnering to Improve Health in Rural India Integral
IDIS W80 (MAY) Practicing Development Integral
IDIS W81 China Business & Engineering Integral
IDIS 290

Bridging the Racial Divide (On-campus)

REL W40 Israel: The Land of the Bible Integral
SOWK W80 Development in Liberia Integral
SPAN W80 Spanish in Yucatan Integral
SPAN W81 Spanish Language & Service Learning in Nicaragua Integral