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Advising: Cross Cultural Engagement

Cross Cultural Engagement

Interim 2010 - Approved CCE Courses

Course Title Type
ART W80 French Art from Louis XIV to July 14th Integral
ASI 427 Ecology of the Indian Tropics Integral
BIOL W10 Tropical Ecosystems Integral
CAS W40 (MAY) English Language by Rail Optional
FREN W60/80 Quebec Integral
GEOL W40 Hawaii: Volcanoes in the Sea Optional
GERM W80 German Interim Abroad Integral
HIST W40 Vietnam & Cambodia: Legacy of Empire & War Integral
IDIS W10 Business & Engineering in China Integral
IDIS W12 Galapagos: Evolution's Diamonds or Ecuador's DisneyIslands Integral
IDIS W14 Partnering to Improve Health in Rural India Integral
IDIS W15 River & Rainforest: Cost Rica Cross Cultural & Wilderness Skills Intensive Integral
IDIS W18 Chinese Medicine & Culture Integral
IDIS W20 L'Abri Fellowship Integral
IDIS W41 Building Communities: Kenya Integral
IDIS W42 Business, Engineering & Religion in the Context of European Culture Integral
IDIS W43 Ethiopia: Communities of Hope Integral
IDIS W44 (MAY) Exploring Japan Integral
IDIS W45 Italy: Ancient & Medieval Optional
IDIS W46 Transforming Cambodia Integral
IDIS W66 Milestones in Science and Religion Optional
IDIS 340 Field Work in Archaeology Integral
POLS W80 United Nations in New York Integral
PSYC W80 European History of Psychology Integral
REL W10 Urban Missions in New York City Integral
SPAN W80 Spanish in Yucatan Integral