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Advising: Cross Cultural Engagement

Cross Cultural Engagement

Interim 2009 - Approved CCE Courses

Course Title Type
ASI 427 Ecology of the Indian Tropics Integral
CAS W40 The English Language by Rail (May) Optional
CAS W41 Theater in London Integral
CAS W80 Filming for Social Change - - Peru Integral
GERM W80  German Interim Abroad Integral
IDIS W11 Taos Arts & Literature Integral
IDIS W12 Christinaity & the Scottish Enlightenment Optional
IDIS W13 Intenational Teaching Integral
IDIS W14 Clubs, Pubs & Alternative Worship Integral
IDIS W18 Fitness and Good Nutrition as a Lifestyle: Biking Australia Optional
IDIS W19 The Jamaican Journey Integral
IDIS W20 Business & Engineering for the International Market Integral
IDIS W22 Wilderness Adventure Skills in Panama Integral
IDIS W33 Chinese Medicine & Culture Integral
IDIS W41 Dutch Landscapes: Society, Technology, and Environment Integral
IDIS W42 Interim in Greece Optional
IDIS W43 Leadership in Africa Optional
IDIS W44 Hawaiian Farms & Food Systems Integral
IDIS W60 Business & Engineering China Integral
IDIS W62 Ind ST at L'abri Fellowship Optional
IDIS 340 Archaeological Field Study Integral
NURS W61 Belize: A Nursing Experience Integral
POLS W80 United Nations in New York Integral
REL W44 One Bible, Many Readings Optional
SPAN W80 Interim in the Yucatán Integral