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Academic Resources: ESL

Improve your English

We provide English language instruction to international students who need/choose to improve their writing for an American academic audience.

Services for international students may include:

  1. Writing classes: ENGL 100 and ENGL 102 are designed for international students who want help with American writing expectations and cultural concerns. 
  2. Tutoring: Help is provided for most core requirement classes and many other 100- and 200-level courses.
  3. Academic counselling.
  4. Individual help: Students having academic or non-academic concerns regarding their experiences both in and outside of the classroom.

While questions concerning financial aid, visa issues, insurance, and health services cannot be directly answered by the academic services staff , we can provide direct referrals to the appropriate staff.

More questions?

Visit our FAQ page or contact Grace Amuzie, Calvin's ESL Coordinator.