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Summer Research: Student Fellowships

Participate in science summer research

Each summer the science division provides opportunities for as many as 100 undergraduate students to engage in scientific research alongside an experienced Calvin faculty member. These opportunities are designed to push you further in your learning as you prepare for a career in the sciences. See 2017 projects.

Fields of research

Opportunities are available to work on projects in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, geology/geography/environmental studies, mathematics/statistics, nursing, physics/astronomy and psychology.

Award details

Students will receive $4,000 based on 400 hours (approximately 10 weeks) of research. $3800 will be paid out in biweekly paychecks over the summer and the final $200 will be paid in November after the requirements below are met.

Additional funds are available for project supplies.

Peter Boersma worked with Professor Loren Haarsma, Physics and Professor John Ubels, Biology. See other 2016 projects.


Awards will be made to qualified students who will have completed their first, second or third year of undergraduate study and who are considering a career in the sciences or mathematics.

Preference will be given to those considering a career in research or teaching in those areas and to students who will be enrolled at Calvin in the fall semester.


Students must complete the following as part of a science summer fellowship:

  1. Students selected for summer research will be required to participate in online Responsible Conduct of Research training by May 22, 2017. See instructions for completing this requirement. You are exempt from this requirement if you were a summer researcher in 2015 or 2016 and already completed this online tutorial.
  2. Display an ID badge at all times when inside the science complex on the front of their person, above the belt, not blocked by hair or clothing, etc.
  3. Complete up to 400 hours (approximately 10-weeks) of research during summer 2017, to be completed by September 5.
  4. Attend and participate in any regularly scheduled research meetings organized by your department or the Science Division.
  5. Prepare a one-page research summary for the Science Division, due August 1, 2017. Read 2016 student summaries.
  6. Prepare a poster for presentation at the Science Division Summer Research Poster Fair on October 20, 2017. See posters presented in 2016.
  7. Present the science division poster at the West Michigan Regional Undergraduate Science Research Conference at Van Andel Institute on Saturday, November 4, (plan on the full day). Students are required to attend unless they present at an alternate conference before June 2018.


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Applications for summer research 2017 are now being accepted.

Check the proposed projects to see which projects interest you. Talk to the professor about the project. Then fill out the online student research application. You may apply for up to three projects. Applications are due February 16, 2017.

2017 Proposed Projects

Online student research application»

Notification of award

The Science Division will announce fellowship awards on March 17, 2017 (approx.)

Information for Summer Researchers