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Summer Research: Web Time Entry

Logging in

  1. Go to
  2. Select Enter Time Card.
  3. Log in.
  4. Select the appropriate pay period/position and press Submit.

Entering your hours

  1. The next screen is the time entry screen.  A summary appears at the top of the screen showing the pay period end date, your supervisor’s name and the date by which to complete your time entry.
  2. Enter your time in the correct time in/time out boxes.  Be sure to include AM or PM in your entry.  A correct entry looks like this 12:00PM.
  3. If you will be entering more time later in the pay period, proceed to the bottom of the screen and click submit.
  4. The next screen is a summary of the hours submitted so far.

At the end of the pay period

  1. Log in once again to enter time and check that all of your hours for the two week pay period are entered.*
  2. Make sure that ALL of your hours have been entered CORRECTLY.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the time entry screen and check the electronic signature box on the far right. This will send a notification to your supervisor that your time is accurate and ready for approval. Click submit.
  4. After checking the box and submitting, the only way to make changes is to have your supervisor reject your time which will reactivate your time card. This can only be done until the submission deadline of 12:00 noon on the Monday before a payday. 
  5. The next screen will once again display a summary of your hours. 

*If you try to log-in and can't see your on-line hour entry, your professor might have approved hours by mistake, or you may have checked the Electronic Signature Box early. Let the department Administrative Assistant know and she can "reject" your hours. You will get an email message to that effect and you will be able to see your on-line hour entry again.

DEADLINE to enter hours: 12:00 noon the Monday after the pay period ended. If you have not completed your hours by then, the hours will be wiped out and you will have to fill out a paper time sheet. Summer hours entry due dates and payday dates.