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Summer Research: Student Expectations

Expectations for On-Campus Summer Research Students

The following general expectations are common to all projects. Failure to meet these expectations may put both the student and faculty at risk for receiving funding next year. You and your faculty mentor should get together before the summer begins to work out additional project-specific expectations.

All undergraduate summer researchers must…

  1. Complete an online ethics tutorial on the Responsible Conduct of Research by May 22, 2017. This requirement aims to fulfill Calvin’s educational goals and certain federal requirements. See instructions for completing this requirement. You are exempt from this requirement if you were a summer researcher in 2015 or 2016 and already completed this online tutorial.
  2. Complete up to 400 hours (approximately 10 weeks) of full time research activity during the summer months, ending by September 5, 2017. You and your mentor have the freedom to decide precisely when this will be accomplished. Circumstances of individual projects and experiments may require you to work irregular hours/days. Any additional employment or coursework during this time must be approved by your faculty mentor.
  3. Attend the safety training meeting at the beginning of the summer.
  4. Attend and participate in any other regularly scheduled research meetings organized by your department or the Science Division.
  5. Display an ID badge at all times when inside the science complex on the front of your person, above the belt, not blocked by hair or clothing, etc.
  6. Prepare a one-page, single-side written description of the summer’s research that will be used for promotion of Calvin. The description must include: (1) title; (2) names of student and faculty mentor; (3) introduction that provides relevant background as well as a statement of the problem; (4) brief narrative that generally describes the research methods, 5) any results to date; and 6) how the research benefitted you personally. Your description should be accessible to non-scientists. Submit electronically in pdf format, named as follows: your last name-your professor's last name-your funding. Submit the summary to Beth Schoone-Jongen ( in the Science Division Office by August 1, 2017.
  7. Prepare a poster and participate in Calvin’s Summer Research Poster Fair October 20, 2017. See guidelines for content and formatting as well as posters presented in 2016.
  8. Register for and present your poster at the West Michigan Regional Undergraduate Science Research Conference at Van Andel Institute on Saturday, November 4. This is a full day conference. Students are required to attend unless they present at an alternate conference before June 2018. Students and faculty mentors must let Beth Schoone-Jongen know if this is the case.

By accepting the research position, you agree to these terms. Please let Beth Schoone-Jongen know if you have any questions or concerns. Remember, failing to complete expectations as instructed will cause you to forfeit at least $200, so diligently read all emails from Beth Schoone-Jongen as they will contain important information about the specifics of these assignments.