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Summer Research: Payroll Information

Payroll Information for On-Campus Summer Research Students

Fellowship funds come from a variety of sources. Some come from generous private donors who know or have experienced the importance of undergraduate research. Other opportunities are supported by various grants that faculty have obtained. These include grants from National Institutes of Health, and the National Science Foundation. Still more funds are provided by Calvin College and by the Alumni Fund. Although there may be some students who have a slightly different arrangement with their faculty mentor, the following information applies to the majority of summer researchers.

Before beginning work
If a student has never worked on campus before, s/he will need to fill out tax forms at the payroll office. A student cannot work until this is completed. See Student Employment's "Before you start" instructions». Payroll will give the student an authorization to work, which should be returned to Beth Schoone-Jongen in the Science Division Office (NH 156).

A total of $4,000 will be paid to students who complete all the student expectations. The position earns an hourly wage throughout the summer.

Hourly wage

  1. $3,800 for up to 400 non-overtime hours of work (unless other arrangements were made with the professor), which is $9.50 per hour, paid out in biweekly paychecks over the summer.
  2. $200 will be paid as a stipend in November when all post-summer assignments have been completed.

Entering hours

  1. Students should enter only hours that they worked on assignments or attended official events related to their summer research appointment. Unrelated personal activity (email, facebook, messaging, calling, gaming) should be kept to a minimum.
  2. Students may not count lunch break as part of their hours worked. Students should fill out the online time entry to reflect this lunch break. Please do not fill out 9-5 or 8-4 "for the sake of simplicity." Calvin is required by law to give students a lunch break, and if an auditor would see too much of this kind of thing, Calvin could face huge fines. Fill out morning and afternoon hours.
  3. Students log hours online. (Web Time Entry Instructions) Please do not wait until the last minute to fill in your hours. You should fill in your hours each day after you've completed work. It's also a good idea to keep track of your hours separately, so that if something happens and your hours are wiped out online, you have a record of your work.
  4. Students must complete and electronically sign off on their timesheets by 4:00pm on the Monday after the 2 weeks worked in order to be paid the following Friday. (Summer 2017 payroll dates) If a student forgets to electronically sign off, even if a professor approves the hours, it is invalid and Payroll wipes the hours out.
  5. Students should not enter any hours for Memorial Day or July 4. These are national holidays and you may only enter hours if you really did work those days.
  6. Students should not enter more than 40 hours per week. The reason is that this results in overtime pay ($14.25 per hour), which will eat up the stipend faster.
  7. Professors should not agree to extra hours or overtime pay without considering the consequences (see next item).
  8. Payroll does not automatically cut students off when they’ve reached their allotted stipend. Students and professors have to keep track. If overages are accrued, department research funds will be used to cover them.
  9. If a student’s timesheet is inaccurate or includes overtime hours which were not agreed upon with the supervisor, the supervisor should reject the student’s hours.  Then the student must complete a paper timesheet.  Paper timesheets are all hand-written, are available in the Payroll office, and require the student’s signature and the supervisor’s signature.  If a paper time sheet is not handed in to Payroll by 5:00 pm on the Monday after the end of the pay period, the student will not get paid until the following payroll.