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Scholarships: The Steven M. Zifferblatt Memorial Scholarship

The Steven M. Zifferblatt Memorial Scholarship

Mrs. Patricia M. Zifferblatt of Grand Rapids, Michigan has provided the college with funds to award a scholarship in memory of her late husband, Steven. Steven Michael Zifferblatt was a man who accomplished much in his lifetime. He climbed mountains, traveled to many foreign lands, received the accolades of many, and was considered by his peers as a scientist at the top of his profession. Yet throughout his life he remained a humble man who always tried to help people live long and well, no matter what their station in life. He wanted to be remembered as a man who cared about people and one who helped people. His work will continue through this scholarship fund which is being set up in his name.

Steven's spiritual struggles the last five years of his life made him a new and better person. He taught people how to live well and how to die at peace and with dignity. Christianity was truly a gift of faith that sustained him to the end.

Since the body should be viewed as the temple of the Holy Spirit, this scholarship combines health and spirituality, the two key elements of life.


  • Pursuing a program in one of the health care professions such as medicine, dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, etc.
  • Current Calvin student planning to enroll full time the following year
  • Entering Senior year (or fifth year Senior)
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Special essay written by you on some aspect of health care that raises ethical/spiritual issues. In the essay you should demonstrate how Christian ethical and spiritual principles bear on the issue under discussion.

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