Using the Microsoft Word Help Menu

Much like searching the research database for answers to your questions, you can use the help menu which searches a database for answers to your Word questions. To access the help menu, go to the Menu Bar and select Help > Microsoft Word Help. Access to Word's Help Resources will open on the right. Enter the keywords or phrase of the skill or information you are researching in the Search For: box. See diagram below.

Press the green arrow "next" button. The Word help database will provide you with a number of options. Select the one that best describes the answer you seek. Double-click on the blue title to access the information. See diagram below.

If you do not find what you need, either select the green "back" arrow from the navigation buttons at the top, enter new words in the search box at the bottom of the help window, or click on "Can't find it?" to get some tips on searching more effectively.


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Last updated July 15, 2004