Material Covered on the IDIS 110 Exemption Exam

IDIS 110 is not exclusively a skills course. A partial list of potential topics that may appear on the exemption exam follows:

  • Skills involving Windows, KnightVision, Word, Excel, Dreamweaver/Web-authoring, etc.
  • Concepts such as the history of computing, computer anatomy, network architecture, etc.
  • Issues such as copyright and digital works, privacy, the digital divide, etc.

An overview of all the potential topics for the exemption exam can be found in the FIT Web book and the tutorials. In addition, required objectives of and prerequisites for IDIS 110 include familiarity with KnightVision, Web browsing, operating systems, and related skills. Because the exam will be administered entirely online and time is limited, examinees must be able to access their Novell account before coming to the exam.

How can I prepare for the IDIS 110 Exemption Exam?

The following suggestions are not comprehensive, but they will considerably increase your chances of passing the exam:

  • Read chapters 1–3 and 5–7 of the Web book
  • Be familiar with basic Word skills
    • Can you set margins, tabs, line spacing, etc.?
    • Can you manipulate page headers and footers?
  • Be familiar with basic Excel skills
    • Can you use a function to find the greatest or smallest value or to compute sums and averages?
    • Can you create formulas that use absolute and relative addresses?
    • Can you create a graph with customized labels and titles?
  • Be familiar with creating basic webpages using either Dreamweaver or a text editor such as Windows Notepad
    • Can you create links to e-mail addresses and URLs?
    • Can you create a list of items?
    • Can you create a table?
    • Can you change the title or background color of a page? (The title is the text that displays in the title bar of the Web browser when a site is viewed)
    • Do you know the function of (and how to create) alternate text for an image?
  • Be aware of current issues in information technology; can you write a one-page critical essay that examines both sides of an issue from a Reformed or generally Christian viewpoint?

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